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How to Get Healing Essence in Brixity | Guide & Tips

How to Get Healing Essence in Brixity | Guide & Tips
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Brixity is a game about building in which you can share your designs with other players and use their blueprints in return. Like most building games, Brixity also has various resources to gather. Healing Essence is one of the core resources in the game.

Of course, as with any other resource, you’ll want to gather as much Healing Essence as you can. You’re in luck—we’ll show you how to do just that. Plus, we’ll explain why Healing Essence is important in Brixity and how this resource can help you progress in the game.

As you probably know, buildings in Brixity are created using Brix. Besides the regular variant, there are Special Brix, too. If you want to learn more, check out our article on how to gift Special Brix in Brixity!

How do I get more Healing Essence in Brixity?

Getting Healing Essence after completing a building
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Healing Essence in Brixity is generated from completed buildings. Once your building is done, the Brix will start generating the resource. Note that a Brix won’t generate Healing Essence on its own—it needs to be a part of a finished building.

Also, completed buildings don’t generate Healing Essence continuously. Instead, they’ll grant you the resource only once—when you complete them. The math is clear: Build more buildings, and you’ll get more Healing Essence. Commercial and residential buildings will both generate the resource, but bigger, more complex buildings will yield more.

What is Healing Essence in Brixity?

As mentioned, Healing Essence is a resource in Brixity. But what does it do? As the name implies, Healing Essence is used to heal the land. You’ll use it to expand your territory and purchase new plots. Since you need more ground to build more buildings, Healing Essence will be crucial for new projects. And, as you create new buildings, you’ll get even more Healing Essence, so the two aspects of the game will play into each other!

That’s our guide to Healing Essence in Brixity in a nutshell. Check out our Game Guides section for more tips on your favorite games!

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How to Get Healing Essence in Brixity | Guide & Tips