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How to Gift Special Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips

How to Gift Special Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips
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Brixity is not only a building game, but one where you connect with other players on a fundamental level. Creating and sharing blueprints is at the very core of the game. Best of all, you can give (and receive) Special Brix that make every creation truly—well, special!

If you’re looking for ways to gift a Special Brix to another player, it might not be obvious how to do that. Luckily, passing Special Brix around isn’t very complicated. We’ll explain how to gift Special Brix in Brixity in the article below! But before we start, you might want to check out our piece on Brixity codes.

Gifting Special Brix

Tutorial in Brixity for gifting Special Brix
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To gift a Special Brix in Brixity, first you need to visit another player. More precisely, you need to visit their city. Then, you can browse through their blueprints and gift them the Special Brix they need. Let’s break down the process.

Firstly, we should explain how to get to the city of another player. You can do that through several mechanics:

  • By visiting the City Poll
  • Through social notifications
  • By browsing through your lists of followers and players you follow
  • Via a QR code that another player sent

Regardless of how you get to the other player’s city, you’ll be able to gift them a Special Brix. To do so, simply look for an icon in the shape of a gift. It’ll be above one or several blueprints that require a particular Special Brix. Click on that icon and you’ll see the option to gift the item to the player.

What is a Special Brix?

A Special Brix in Brixity is a non-standard piece for a blueprint. This Brix type is relatively rare and has specific properties that regular Brix don’t have. For instance, a Special Brix can be animated, play sound, or be interactive in some other way. Additionally, Special Brix provide more Healing Essence than regular ones.

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How to Gift Special Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips