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Brixity Codes (August 2023)

Get all the latest active codes for Brixity, and make sure to redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

I loved playing with Legos as a kid and deep into my teens, so any game that resembles that type of world-building fun makes me happy. The same goes for Brixity, a sandbox-style city builder full of adorable characters and opportunities to get creative with city layouts, numerous building blueprints, and mechanics to make my little world sustainable. There’s even a strong message in the game’s main goal of cleansing and restoring Earth to its former glory in 2523.

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Even though the game kicks off with a sizeable budget for blueprints and construction work, I wanted more, so I reached for free Brixity coupon codes and got Coins to buy new blueprints more easily and Crystals to speed up construction, with some Pipo and Special Brix Coupons thrown in the mix. You shouldn’t skip on this treasure trove—just make sure to redeem the coupon codes below before they expire. And if you’re in need of more fun on your mobile device, check out Omniheroes—TouchTapPlay has codes for that game as well!

All Brixity codes (August 2023)

Active Brixity codes (August 2023)

  • BUILDYOURWORLD: get 500 Crystals (valid until Sept. 1, 2023)
  • LETSGOBRIX: get 1k Coins
  • BRIXEARLYCHALLENGERS: get 100 Crystals
  • ALROISMYHERO: get 2 Special Brix Coupons
  • ENTERTHECOSMO: get 1 Pipo Coupon
  • BRIXBYBRIXBYBRIX: get 100 Crystals
  • GINGERBRIXPARTY: get 1 Pipo Coupon
  • BRIXITYINFINITYPLUS: get 1 Pipo Coupon
  • WISHUPONABRIXWEE: get 100 Crystals
  • SPECIALBRIXAWESOME: get 2 Special Brix Coupons
  • DOCTORJWITHLOVE: get 5k Coins
  • EARTH2523WUTNOW: get 2 Special Brix Coupons

Expired Brixity codes (August 2023)

  • There are currently no expired codes in Brixity.

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How to redeem Brixity codes

You have to jump through some hoops to redeem Brixity coupon codes. If you’re new to the process, follow the instructions posted below:

How to redeem codes in Brixity
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  1. Start Brixity on your mobile device;
  2. Finish the tutorial until you can see the hamburger menu icon (three parallel lines) in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu and choose Settings;
  4. Select the About tab from the options at the bottom of the pop-up screen;
  5. Log in or just copy your linked Player Info credentials;
  6. Open the Brixity Coupon Page;
  7. Enter your DevPlay account in the DevPlay Account text field, or just paste the credentials you copied in the game;
  8. Type in the coupon code in the text box below (or paste a code you previously copied);
  9. Click on the green Claim Reward button.

You need to restart the game after redeeming coupon codes to see your freebies.

Where to look for more Brixity codes

You can start looking for the latest codes or other announcements about the game on the official social media accounts. Brixity already has quite an established social media presence, and you can check out the accounts below:

However, the most convenient way to get all the working codes for this fun game is to bookmark this article and use it as your go-to resource for all the latest free rewards in Brixity. We scour all the official channels for new codes and post them in one convenient list, so you can just copy and paste them and claim your gifts.

Why aren’t my Brixity codes working?

If you’re not getting any freebies in Brixity for redeeming coupon codes, you should double-check your coupon code for typos. It is quite easy to leave out a character or two when entering codes manually, and that can cost you your free rewards. We always recommend copying and pasting coupon codes whenever possible to avoid similar issues.

Some codes also may expire by the time you get to them. If the developers don’t specify expiration dates, they may remain on the wrong section of our list. Therefore, if you notice an expired code, please, let us know in the comments below, and we will investigate some more and update our lists accordingly.

How to get more free rewards in Brixity

Brixity has more free rewards for you, but you have to be a bit patient. As more features unlock as you level up, you can claim daily free packs at the in-game shop or collect Coins, Crystals, and other resources from various special events that are usually time-limited. Don’t forget to check out the Brix Pass to complete daily missions and claim more rewards. Also, keep an eye on the game’s social media accounts—sooner or later, there will be announcements about giveaways and contests that could land you valuable prizes.

What is Brixity?

Brixity is a sandbox city-building game where your noble goal is to rebuild a devastated Earth in the year 2523. You take on the role of the Brixmaster and decide on the direction in which your new settlement moves. Layouts and buildings are fully customizable, and you even get to explore the cities of other Brixmasters and enjoy unique challenges and adventures as you progress through the main campaign. Everything becomes so much easier when you redeem Brixity codes and get a generous amount of Crystals, Coins, Special Brix and Pipo Coupons, and more, so make sure to do it before they expire!

For more rewards in your other mobile games, make sure to explore the rest of our dedicated Codes section.

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Brixity Codes (August 2023)