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Omniheroes Codes (July 2023)

Get the latest Omniheroes codes and make sure to redeem them for free rewards before they expire!

I’m a sucker for any mobile game that invests a lot of effort into character design. Omniheroes quickly rose to the top of my list as soon as I started the tutorial because the artwork is just stunning. That’s not where my positive experiences stop—the game features fluid combat, an amazing high-fantasy setting and story, and showers you in free resources from every corner of the screen.

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One of the ways to claim freebies that you can use to summon more heroes and upgrade their powers and gear is to redeem free Omniheroes codes. I got loads of Diamonds, Gold, SMN Tickets, and other goodies as soon as I unlocked the code-redeeming option in the game. Thanks to this help, my enemies didn’t stand a chance as my team’s power grew immensely right from the start! You can count on the same advantage, but make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible before they expire. For more RPG fun on your mobile device, you can try Master of Knights—we have codes for that game as well!

All Omniheroes Codes

Working Omniheroes Codes

All of the currently working Omniheroes codes are listed below:

  • Pre500000—Get 3x SMN Ticket II and 20x 5-Star Hero Shard
  • OMNIGPF2023—Get 3x SMN Ticket II and 3x Invoker Crystal
  • FBG1000A—Get 200 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and 2x SMN Ticket II
  • FBDCOH2023—Get 200 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and 2x SMN Ticket II
  • EASTEROH23—Get 200 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and 2x SMN Ticket II
  • STPATRICKOH—Get 200 Diamonds, 5x Jade Shard Pendant, 5x Lakegreen Stone, 100 Ascension Ore, 5x Lily of the Valley, and 5x Jade Dagger
  • 3RDWEEKEND—Get 200 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and 300x Terra Crystal
  • OHWEEKEND—Get 100 Diamonds, 100k Gold, and 300x Terra Crystal
  • OHTHXGIVING—Get 200 Diamonds and 10 SMN Ticket I
  • JoinOH—Get 200 Diamonds and 20k Gold
  • OH777—Get 77,777 Gold, 300 Diamonds, 1x SMN Ticket II, 77 Ascension Ore, 7x SMN Ticket I, 7x 5-Star Hero Shard, 7x 4-Star Hero Shard, and 77x 3-Star Hero Shard
  • OMNIHEROES—Get 200 Diamonds

Expired Omniheroes Codes

You cannot redeem these Omniheroes codes for free rewards any longer:


How to Redeem Omniheroes Codes

Redeeming codes in Omniheroes is not that difficult once you complete the tutorial for the game. You can follow the detailed instructions below to claim your freebies:

How to redeem codes in Omniheroes
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  1. Start Omniheroes on your mobile device
  2. Finish the tutorial so that you can control the screen again
  3. Tap your avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  4. Go to the Settings tab
  5. Click on Gift Code
  6. Enter the code into the text box
  7. Hit the Confirm button to claim your rewards

How to Find More Omniheroes Codes

To receive more information and updates about the game, you can follow Omniheroes on the official social media accounts, including:

However, the most convenient way to get all the latest codes for Omniheroes is to bookmark this article and check back from time to time. You don’t have to waste time scouring social media for codes as we collect them all in one place for your convenience.

Why Aren’t My Omniheroes Codes Working?

The problem, most likely, stems from typos. If you’re entering codes manually on your phone, it is quite easy to make a mistake and leave out a character or two. Codes are often complicated, and the best approach is to copy and paste them directly into the game, whenever possible.

If the spelling is ok, but you’re still not getting your free goodies, that particular code may have expired without any notice from the developers. Please, let us know in the comments about the issue, and we will investigate further.

How to Get More Free Rewards in Omniheroes

Omniheroes features numerous options to get free in-game resources. Besides codes and the idle system, you can get freebies for logging in daily, completing various quests, unlocking high-tier heroes, participating in special events, and more. The game points out with red dots all the options on the main screen that bring some freebies when you explore them. You can also pay attention to the social media announcements regarding contests and giveaways for more opportunities to win valuable prizes.

What Is Omniheroes?

Omniheroes is an idle strategy RPG that boasts beautiful 2D design and a compelling high-fantasy story about a realm full of powerful Valkyries and the forces of evil who threaten to destroy everything. You will need to gather the best heroes and combine them the right way to face off against numerous enemies that only get stronger as you progress. Build relationships with beautiful Valkyries as you save and heal them, join in on some PvP fun, and keep summoning and upgrading your heroes using summon tickets, Diamonds, Gold, and more. For extra help, redeem Omniheroes codes and receive generous supplies of the necessary resources—just make sure to do it before the codes expire!

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Omniheroes Codes (July 2023)