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How to Find Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips

How to Find Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips
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In Brixity, you can create various buildings—commercial and residential. But of course, building anything requires materials. When it comes to Brixit, the essential materials are called Brix. They’re the main building blocks for anything you want to construct.

Of course, the question is: How do you get Brix in Brixity? If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in luck—this article will tell you all about finding Brix. We’ve already done a piece on how to gift Special Brix in Brixity, so you can read that one once you’re done here!

Where can you find Brix in Brixity?

Special Brix Draw in Brixity
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If we’re talking about regular Brix, finding them in Brixity is effortless. These simple building blocks will appear when you start constructing a building. Each new project will cost some coins, but if you have enough in the bank, you’ll have no trouble getting the brix you need to finish a building.

However, regular Brix aren’t the only ones in the game. In fact, there are two other types that you can use for different purposes.

First, there are Premium Brix. These can only be obtained if you’ve signed up as a Creator. Premium Brix have one special property that makes them different from regular ones: You can change their color. Since Brixity is all about expressing your creativity and making unique blueprints, this customization may be worth getting a Creator Membership.

Second, you can get Special Brix that have other unique properties. For instance, Special Brix have more elaborate shapes than regular or premium ones. You can also interact with certain Special Brix, while some can produce sound or feature animation. The only way to get Special Brix is through a Special Brix Draw.

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How to Find Brix in Brixity | Guide & Tips