Stu in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular games from Supercell. Additionally, Brawl Stars is the fourth Supercell title to have generated over a billion dollars in revenue. Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day are the other three games.

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If you are wondering how to unlock Stu in Brawl Stars or how to play this brawler, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in this article, we will discuss that and much more in detail.

Stu – A living beast in Brawl Stars

Stu recently joined the Brawl Stars community but has gained enormous popularity among the Brawl Stars fraternity since his debut. Thus, players are reporting entire STU lobbies. Stu has a good health and damage rating but a lightning-fast charge rate, which gives it a massive potential for destruction.

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He uses two flames for his main attack, and his Super is a quick dash that pushes back any opponents in his path and ignites them if they step into the Super’s ember-filled path. His Gadget, Speed Zone, place a booster in a large area that increases the mobility of all friendly Brawlers. His Star Power, Zero Drag, tends to increase the range of his Super.

How to Unlock Stu in Brawl Stars

Unlock Stu in Brawl Stars

Stu is a crash-test brawler who can be unlocked by players by reaching 10,000 trophies on Trophy Road. Stu is multifaceted, so it is vital to use it to make good use of him.

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Stu is quickly becoming one of Brawl Stars’ most popular Brawlers, and unlocking him is pretty simple. All you have to do is grind on Trophy Road until you reach 10,000 trophies. Voila! You will be able to obtain this brand-new and exciting brawler.

How to Play Stu in Brawl Stars

  • Stu is a beast with his ult (super)

Although his super appears weak on paper due to its short range, his strength comes from his quick charge. If Stu hits a player with both his super and attack simultaneously, his super is recharged, allowing him to perform chains of dashes on his opponents.

This can be quite effective if you anticipate its numerous applications. For instance, Stu can use his super for rushing a Primo or a Rosa after landing a poke on them to deplete their HP and then flee using the second dash to avoid their melee attacks while still hitting them with his long-ranged attacks. He’s adaptable, which means you’ll need to become accustomed to this playstyle to get the most out of the Brawler.

  • Stu isn’t a Health Tank so (Use his super wisely)

A common beginner’s mistake when playing Stu in the early game is to double-up on his super to slash through an opponent. It’s too risky to use the super a second time to roll through the enemy because if he’s still alive, even with a few HP remaining, or if a teammate has arrived to assist, they’ll be in range to kill you.

And you’ll be without an escape tool. However, it is still possible if you have allies approaching or are close to an environmental wall that can protect you from future attacks.

  • In which mode, Stu is a pure dominator?

If you want to advance your rank on Stu by earning more trophies quickly, the Brawl Ball game mode is for you. Stu can receive the ball and use his super to sprint down the field, bringing him closer to the goal. If the opposing team lacks significant counters, it won’t be easy to keep up with his mobility.

Above all, due to his superior mobility with his Super, Stu excels in Trophy Thieves/Volley Brawl/Basket Brawl. Additionally, Stu can self-pass by kicking the ball/trophy ahead and dash forward to retrieve it, then continuously attacking enemies from afar to recharge and chain Supers, allowing him to dash towards the ball/trophy.

  • Stu’s weakness is _____ brawlers

If you are using Stu, then please beware of long ranged attackers in Brawl Stars. Stu will have a difficult time negotiating trades with some Brawlers. The most dangerous opponents to face are mobile Brawlers equipped with long-ranged attacks, such as Crow and Leon. Lou, too, is potentially dangerous, as his slowness prevents Stu from getting close enough to use his super.

Snipers, in general, have the potential to pose a threat to Stu. However, if their attacks are predictable and they lack a super capable of being used effectively at melee range, as is the case with Colt and Jessie, he should be able to deal with them.

With time, more players will figure out how to counter Stu’s super by anticipating it. Those counters will almost certainly become an annoyance for Stu, even if you believe you can remove them easily now.

Stu’s Abilities in Brawl Stars

Stu in Brawl Stars
  • Attack: Razzle Dazzle

Stu ignites two pyrotechnic firecrackers in rapid succession, each of which charges one full Super, allowing him to charge his Super exceptionally quickly. This attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete successfully.

  • Super: Nitro Boost

Stu sprints forward a short distance and quickly dispatches nearly any adversary in his path of destruction. Additionally, it leaves embers on the surface for three seconds, igniting opponents who come into contact with them for four seconds. Stu cannot hurry over water with his Super, and his flames do not charge his Super.

  • Gadget: Speed Zone

When triggered, Stu drops a turret with 1000 health that assists Stu and his teammates in a 7-tile radius around itself in terms of mobility. This ability does not stack with other speed boost abilities and does not increase spawnable speed.

Tips to master Stu in Brawl Stars

  • Stu’s Speed Zone Gadget should be concealed behind obstacles to keep it safe from attackers. He can also use it at the team’s spawn point on the map to assist him and his allies in resuming action following defeat, or as a temporary shield to deflect shots from enemies who are incapable of hitting multiple targets.
  • Stu’s Breakthrough Gadget is advantageous because it is capable of destroying obstacles. He can use it to easily defeat enemies hiding behind obstacles or to destroy the goalpost in Brawl Ball.
  • Due to his fast Super charge rate and unload speed, Stu can use his attack and Super in quick succession to quickly heal up in a pinch with his Gaso-Heal Star Power.
  • When confronted with close-ranged Brawlers, you can use Stu’s Super. Due to his Super, he is an excellent counter to close-ranged Brawlers.
  • Stu’s rapid Super charge rate, high mobility while equipped with his Super, and quick burst attacks make him a viable option in offense-oriented modes such as Bounty.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, he is a total beast with a proper strategy. Stu also has Zero Drag power – The maximum distance of Stu’s Super dash has been increased dramatically from 2.33 to 4 tiles. This also broadens the range of Stu’s flames following the dashing.

Stu already has one gadget, which causes him to drop a booster that grants the Brawler who takes it a super speed zone. Finally, his star power significantly expands the range of his super, and another super can be chosen to heal him instead. Due to Stu’s assassin-like playstyle, the first super is frequently chosen.

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That’s the basics in a nutshell. Tell us what you think of this beast brawler, and if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? It’s a decent brawler and easy to handle in the game. Go ahead and give it a try, and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Brawl Stars Stu Guide for tips!

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