Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II is now very close to release, launching in a little over a week on Nintendo Switch worldwide, and more footage is getting shared online to showcase the soon-to-be-released new JRPG by Square Enix.

The new footage, shared online by GameXplain, focuses on the Wiswald region, showcasing locations, combat and more. The footage is relatively spoiler free, so you can take a look at it without having to worry about spoiling any important plot point.

Bravely Default II will introduce plenty of improvements on the original gameplay formula introduced by the first entry in the series without revolutionizing its classic JRPG foundation. The combat system will still feature the same Brave mechanics that let players either store turns or use future turns to unleash multiple attacks. The many abilities that players will be able to learn via the signature Job System and the amazing soundtrack are just two of the features that are surely going to make Bravely Default II one of the best Switch games of the year.

Bravely Default II launches on February 26 worldwide.


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