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Brain Out Answers: Level 81 – Level 120 Solutions

Brain Out Answers: Level 81 – Level 120 Solutions
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Today, we’re here to share you a new set of answers for Brain Out: this time, we’re going to solve together 40 more levels, picking up from where we left the previous article at. In other words, today we have for you all the Brain Out answers for levels 81 – 120.

We have also solved all the previous levels (and we won’t stop until we complete this awesome game). I have already linked above to the previous set of answers, but you can also check out levels 1 – 40 here if you need some extra help.

Now, let’s get straight to work – there are a lot of puzzles to solve, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with our Brain Out solutions below to 40 new levels!

Brain Out Level 81 Answer

Q: Help Zoe drink the juice sediment at the bottom
A: Drag the bottom of the glass over to the girl.

Brain Out Level 82 Answer

Q: Put the shapes into the right frame
A: Drag the first two shapes into the corresponding ones, and then drag the orange rectangle into the shape at the top.

Brain Out Level 83 Answer

Q: Spot the differences
A: Swipe the table away to reveal the flowers at the bottom, then tap the middle flower above and below.

Brain Out Level 84 Answer

Q: How many holes do the jeans have?
A: 9 (the two holes near the knees, 2 front pockets, 2 back pockets, 2 holes for the legs at the bottom and the waist hole).

Brain Out Level 85 Answer

Q: What is the maximum number of pieces that a watermelon ca be cut into with 10 cuts?
A: 1024

Brain Out Level 86 Answer

Q: Catch the rat!
A: Drag the log over the fire and when smoke runs from it, put it to the right side of the pipe. Tap and hold the smoke that exists the left side of the pipe until the rat comes out the other side.

Brain Out Level 87 Answer

Q: How to pass this level?
A: Drag the mouse on the screen to control the arrow. Move it over the “Next” button and click the left button of the mouse.

Brain Out Level 88 Answer

Q: Form the smallest possible number,
A: Tap the line to the left and swipe it up, then use the numbers below to make -999.

Brain Out Level 89 Answer

Q: Once again!
A: We’re doing this again, but with 20 arrows. However, this time you can ease things up a bit by pinching out the target to enlarge it. Then simply play the minigame and shoot all the 20 arrows correctly.

Brain Out Level 90 Answer

Q: Mom is back! Help me hide the gamepad.
A: Tap and hold the gamepad with a finger until you pass the level.

Brain Out Level 91 Answer

Q: Turn the pyramid upside down in three moves
A: Move the two circles to the left and right side of the bottom row to the left and right of the second row. Then drag the top circle to the bottom:

Brain Out Level 92 Answer

Q: Tap in the following order: 33 1, 6,8,2,20,17,60,33
A: Tap the numbers on the screen starting with 1 then continue tapping them in the order indicated by the level. Eventually, the order will disappear from the screen – but you can check it out in my question above. Finally, after tapping the 60, tap the 33 near the question to complete the level.

Brain Out Level 93 Answer

Q: Help little girl eat the cake
A: Drag left the large plank that is above the muffin, then use the arrows to move the girl to the cake.

Brain Out Level 94 Answer

Q: When Zoe was 6 years old, Lulu was twice her age. Zoe is 10 years old now, how old is Lulu?
A: 16 (since Lulu won’t always be twice Zoe’s age, but 6 years older).

Brain Out Level 95 Answer

Q: You have to win this game again. It’s your turn!
A: Drag the circle above to the top row, then tap the bottom row to win.

Brain Out Level 96 Answer

Q: How to eat noodles?
A: Drag the pasta into the bowl, then drag the water over them. Then tap and hold until the level is complete.

Brain Out Level 97 Answer

Q: Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair
A: Drag the bottom matchstick to the top, then drag the one to the left all the way to right to build the chair:

Brain Out Level 98 Answer

Q: If CDE = EDF, then EFH=

Brain Out Level 99 Answer

Q: Find the Panda
A: The panda is towards the bottom right side of the screen, as seen below:

Brain Out Level 100 Answer

Q: Help little bat fall asleep
A: Turn your device upside down.

Brain Out Level 101 Answer

Q: Enter the biggest possible number
A: Tap the two 0 numbers to make the infinity sign, then press OK.

Brain Out Level 102 Answer

Q: Try to make the biggest possible number by moving only 2 matchsticks.
A: If we drag the top and bottom matchsticks from the zero and use them to create a 1 after the 8, we will have: 31181 – this is the biggest number.

Brain Out Level 103 Answer

Q: Time to go to bed, please help me turn off the light.
A: Put your device with the display pointing towards the desk to beat the level.

Brain Out Level 104 Answer

Q: Kill the nasty fly!
A: Place a finger on the screen and wait for the fly to come over. When it stops, tap it with another finger.

Brain Out Level 105 Answer

Q: Which is the cheapest?
A: Tap the controller, which only costs $4.

Brain Out Level 106 Answer

Q: Again! Who would you save? Your mom or your girlfriend?
A: Shake the phone and the guy will wake up – no more saving anybody this time!

Brain Out Level 107 Answer

Q: Add 1 line to make this equation true: 5 + 5 + 5 = 550
A: Swipe your finger over the second plus sign to make it look like a 4: you will have 5 + 545 = 550.

Brain Out Level 108 Answer

Q: Tap the fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, square and diamond.
A: Tap the fruits as instructed, tap the hexagon and then the square/diamond twice (they’re the same thing!)

Brain Out Level 109 Answer

Q: Jack wants to drink the Minute Maid
A: Shake your device for a bit then drag the orange drink to the boy.

Brain Out Level 110 Answer

Q: Which dream do you want to come true?
A: With three fingers, tap all three answers at the same time.

Brain Out Level 111 Answer

Q: Click on the menu
A: If you look carefully, there is the word “menu” barely visible towards the bottom right side of the screen.

Brain Out Level 112 Answer

Q: Open the box.
A: Place a finger on the bottom of the box and keep pressing, while raising the top with another finger.

Brain Out Level 113 Answer

Q: What’s the answer?
A: This time, the logical answer – 1 doesn’t work, so we’ll have to do the math and end up with the correct answer this time: 43215

Brain Out Level 114 Answer

Q: How many differences can you spot between the two pictures?
A: 8 (two fork tines and 6 differences on the muffin)

Brain Out Level 115 Answer

Q: Tap the blue button 10 times, then tap the red button once
A: Just do as instructed, ignoring the counter shown on the screen.

Brain Out Level 116 Answer

Q: Keep the balance balanced.
A: First, drag the ball away from the balance, then the cookie.

Brain Out Level 117 Answer

Q: Count the number of hairs again
A: Swipe left over the boy to see him from behind. There’s a total of 38 hairs.

Brain Out Level 118 Answer

Q: What’s the answer?
A: 14

Brain Out Level 119 Answer

Q: Today is Tyke’s two year old birthday. Just light up candles for him.
A: Use the matchstick to light the middle candle, then tilt your device to the left or right to light up another candle.

Brain Out Level 120 Answer

Q: Find the mother hen again.
A: With two fingers, pinch in over the display until you see the hen.

This would be all for today’s article. But we have even more levels solved for you, so if you need help with the next stages, make sure to check out our article on levels 121 – 160.

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Brain Out Answers: Level 81 – Level 120 Solutions


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