Brain Out Answers: Level 1 – Level 40 Solution

The weather is perfect for spending time at home, sipping a hot chocolate and trying to beat all levels in Brain Out, the latest puzzle game for mobile. And we’re here to help you with that by sharing with you the complete set of answers for Brain Out – Can You Pass It?

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These games start out relatively slow, but become really difficult to complete since they challenge you to think outside the box and, truth be told, sometimes simply go for the trial and error method because some answers don’t seem to be very logical.

Either way, we’re here to help and if you got stuck, we have the complete set of answers for Brain Out: and we’re starting with the first 40 levels in the game. Let’s get this started!

Brain Out Level 1 Answer

Q: Find the biggest one.
A: Tap the watermelon.

Brain Out Level 2 Answer

Q: How many ducks?
A: 9 (if you look closely, there’s a chicken in the line)

Brain Out Level 3 Answer

Q: Who is the tallest one?
A: Tap the sun.

Brain Out Level 4 Answer

Q: Can you find out the different one?
A: Drag the middle bottom watermelon slice away to reveal another piece that’s different, then tap it.

Brain Out Level 5 Answer

Q: Create a rectangle!
A: Drag the orange piece to the bottom left corner and away from the screen in order to create the rectangle.

Brain Out Level 6 Answer

Q: How many triangles are there in a Pentagram?
A: 11

Brain Out Level 7 Answer

Q: Find out the largest fire!
A: Drag all the fires over the top left one, then tap it.

Brain Out Level 8 Answer

Q: What’s the number under the parked car?
A: Simply drag the car away to see the number (it’s 9)

Brain Out Level 9 Answer

Q: What mark would you give for this game?
A: Tap the “Full Marks” box

Brain Out Level 10 Answer

Q: Wake up the owl!
A: Swipe the sun away to the left side of the screen so that night comes and the owl wakes up.

Brain Out Level 11 Answer

Q: Please write down the correct answer.
A: 9

Brain Out Level 12 Answer

Q: Tap fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, circle and rectangle.
A: The order here changes for each player, but tap the fruits (apple and banana) as indicated, then the shapes. Ignore the potato-looking thing.

Brain Out Level 13 Answer

Q: You have to win the game!
A: With two fingers, tap the squares to the left of your 0 in order to win the game

Brain Out Level 14 Answer

Q: Find the chick
A: Shake all the chicken on the screen until one of them drops the chick (bottom one in my case).

Brain Out Level 15 Answer

Q: Find the darkest color!
A: Tap the text at the top as it is written in black.

Brain Out Level 16 Answer

Q: Count the number of hairs
A: Tap and drag the hair over the guy’s head to find the answer: 3.

Brain Out Level 17 Answer

Q: Help the baby duckling drink water
A: Simply drag the duck upwards to the puddle of water.

Brain Out Level 18 Answer

Q: Can you solve this question? 1 + 0.7 + 0.3 = ?
A: Drag the bottom line from the 1 to the question mark in the end to make it resemble a 2.

Brain Out Level 19 Answer

Q: Find something you can eat.
A: Drag the meat at the bottom over the pink dots to create a steak.

Brain Out Level 20 Answer

Q: Animals are having a sport meeting. Help the bunny win.
A: Put two fingers over and hold the monkey and horse, then keep tapping the Go button until the bunny wins.

Brain Out Level 21 Answer

Q: Help! Where is my ring?
A: Tap the dog food to open it, then drag it over to the puppy and you’ll find the ring.

Brain Out Level 22 Answer

Q: What 2 English letters people like to listen to the most?
A: CD (do people still listen to CDs?)

Brain Out Level 23 Answer

Q: No smoking.
A: Tap the cigarette’s tip until it disappears.

Brain Out Level 24 Answer

Q: Putting 3 coins into piggy bank, how many coins are there now?
A: First, drag over the coins over the piggy bank to put all coins in, then tap it until it breaks. Count the coins – it’s 15.

Brain Out Level 25 Answer

Q: So hungry! Make something to eat.
A: Drag the house away from the painting, then drag the eyes and mouth from the smiley face and finally drag the orange circle over the cloud.

Brain Out Level 26 Answer

Q: What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts?
A: 1

Brain Out Level 27 Answer

Q: How many ants
A: Use two fingers on the display over the rock to enlarge it and see some ants there. There’s a total of 17 ants.

Brain Out Level 28 Answer

Q: Find out the rule and write down the answer.
A: 9

Brain Out Level 29 Answer

Q: Tap a butterfly above the texts.
A: Drag the text under the butterfly and tap it.

Brain Out Level 30 Answer

Q: Please turn on the fan.
A: Using two fingers, tap at the same time the two endings of the red wire.

Brain Out Level 31 Answer

Q: Find 8 animals.
A: First, tap the cloud to make the 8th animal appear. Then tap all of them (as seen below) with only the worm near the rock not being tapped:

Brain Out Level 32 Answer

Q: Help baby fall asleep
A: Holding the phone horizontally in your hand, start moving your hand left to right until the baby falls asleep.

Brain Out Level 33 Answer

Q: Who would you save? Your mom or your girlfriend?
A: Tap the screen with two fingers – one over the mom, one over the girlfriend and you can save them both!

Brain Out Level 34 Answer

Q: Drive the car to the road sign
A: Drag the text away from the clouds, then drag the clouds away to reveal the sun. When the ice melts, the car will drive to the sign.

Brain Out Level 35 Answer

Q: How to eat carrots?
A: Simply drag the carrot over to the bunny.

Brain Out Level 36 Answer

Q: Help them cross the river.
A: Using two fingers, pinch out over the screen to increase the size of the log and turn it into a bridge.

Brain Out Level 37 Answer

Q: What 3 numbers add up to 12?
A: Tap the 6 once and the 3 twice, then hit OK.

Brain Out Level 38 Answer

Q: Put everything into the box.
A: Drag all the items into the box, including the text written under the level number.

Brain Out Level 39 Answer

Q: Whack-a-mole
A: Drag the mole over the hammer.

Brain Out Level 40 Answer

Q: Rescue the trapped giraffe.
A: Turn your device upside down so that a key drops from the bucket, then use it to open the cage.

This is it for now in terms of our walkthrough for this wonderful game. Things won’t get any easier from now on, so make sure to come back soon for even more answers!

[UPDATE:] As promised, a new set of answers – with 40 new levels solved – has been published, so if you need more help make sure to check out the level 41 – level 80 answers for the game as well. We also have the Brain Out level 81 – 120 answers published, as well as the solution to levels 121 – 160.

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