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Brain Out Answers: Level 41 – Level 80 Walkthrough

Brain Out Answers: Level 41 – Level 80 Walkthrough
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Things are not getting easier as you’re progressing through the levels of the amazing Brain Out puzzle game for mobile, and we’re here to help with the complete walkthrough for the game. And now we’re going to share with you the Brain Out answers to levels 41 – 80.

This means that we’ve already shared the solutions to the previous 40 levels, so if you need help with older stages, make sure to check out the walkthrough here.

But if not and you’re ready to take on some new levels (or got stuck along the way), here are the Brain Out answers for levels 41 to 80, with detailed explanations and, if required, screenshots to help you quickly solve a level.

Our tip: don’t just go through the game by checking our answers first, as this ruins most of the fun. Try to solve them yourself, then try with the game’s help and only if you can’t do it, check out our walkthrough below.

Brain Out Level 41 Answer

Q: Can you solve the question?
A: It’s actually an entire equation, but strangely formatted (so the 1 at the top and the 1 below make an 11 and so on). The result is 39.

Brain Out Level 42 Answer

Q: Find out the objects!
A: This is your regular hidden object game, where you must find all the objects listed above. You can see them below:

Brain Out Level 43 Answer

Q: Oh god! ZOZO overslept! Wake her up!
A: Drag your finger downwards over the door knob and a girl will walk in, waking up the boy.

Brain Out Level 44 Answer

Q: If 1=5, 2=15, 3=215, 4=3215, then 5=?
A: 1 (because we’re using the first bit of info the game gives us, 1=5). Tricky!

Brain Out Level 45 Answer

Q: Which cup will get filled first?
A: First, drag the cup with the number 1 as seen in the image below, then tap the cup number 4:

Brain Out Level 46 Answer

Q: Move 1 matchstick to make the biggest number!
A: If you were to drag the matchstick to the right of the 9 all the way to the left and make the 3 into a 9, the resulting number would be 965.

Brain Out Level 47 Answer

Q: Find something you can not eat!
A: Swipe the chicken away from her nest and tap the nest.

Brain Out Level 48 Answer

Q: Help Tom to get noticed by the girl.
A: Drag the girl’s purse over to the boy.

Brain Out Level 49 Answer

Q: Find the aliens!
A: Drag the UFO over the rock to the left.

Brain Out Level 50 Answer

Q: Correct the direction
A: Turn your device to a side, so that the up arrow points upwards.

Brain Out Level 51 Answer

Q: How many French Fries below?
A: The game is actually referring to the boxes with French fries. Drag your finger over them to reveal them all: it’s a total of 10.

Brain Out Level 52 Answer

Q: Find the Panda!
A: It is to the right, towards the top of the image (where the check mark is in the screenshot below)

Brain Out Level 53 Answer

Q: I can’t stand this mess!
A: Swipe your finger over the red paint on the well until it disappears

Brain Out Level 54 Answer

Q: Click the orange rectangle 3 times, then the green rectangle 5 times
A: Tap the rectangles as instructed. When the green one turns to orange, simply wait a bit until it goes green again, then resume tapping.

Brain Out Level 55 Answer

Q: How to make your dream come true?
A: Swipe your finger over the lamp to reveal the genie, then tap the bookshelf behind the genie.

Brain Out Level 56 Answer

Q: Which shape has the most sides?
A: The circle.

Brain Out Level 57 Answer

Q: Fill in the ?
A: The pattern here is to find the sum of the first two numbers to the left, then multiply with the 3rd. So the answer is 91.

Brain Out Level 58 Answer

Q: Please find the photo.
A: Tap the envelope and hold it with a finger, while turning your phone to the right: the photo should fall out from it.

Brain Out Level 59 Answer

Q: Wake up the little piggy
A: Tap the pig’s nose until it wakes up.

Brain Out Level 60 Answer

Q: Help them get on a blind date successfully
A: For some reason, you have to tap the dog 5 times.

Brain Out Level 61 Answer

Q: Find the number 8
A: The number is hidden to the right side of the image, towards the top:

Brain Out Level 62 Answer

Q: Find green.
A: Drag the blue square over the yellow one, then tap the resulting green square.

Brain Out Level 63 Answer

Q: Find out the hexagon
A: Drag the orange square under the piece at the bottom.

Brain Out Level 64 Answer

Q: What comes after AEBFC
A: G

Brain Out Level 65 Answer

Q: Crazy pin circle
A: This is a skill minigame where you have to tap the target and shoot all the darts on it, without them touching. You might have to try a few times to get it right (I sure had to!)

Brain Out Level 66 Answer

Q: What number will hour hand point to after 3 hours?
A: 9 (because that’s not a real clock, apparently, so the hand won’t move)

Brain Out Level 67 Answer

Q: How many chicks are there?
A: Drag the chickens away to reveal more, but also drag away the “Clear” button to see the another one. Drag over it until you reveal all the chickens – 11 in total.

Brain Out Level 68 Answer

Q: Comfort my dog
A: Swipe your finger over the dog.

Brain Out Level 69 Answer

Q: Find the hidden stars.
A: Shake the phone to make the animals go dizzy and reveal the stars.

Brain Out Level 70 Answer

Q: Make the equation true.
A: Drag the one stick a bit to the left, then the middle matchstick from the 8 to the left, so that you have 1 – 0 = 1.

Brain Out Level 71 Answer

Q: Find the mother hen.
A: Tap the screen and swipe towards the left until you find it (make sure you tap on the white background, not a chicken)

Brain Out Level 72 Answer

Q: Add up the 3 largest numbers in the following:
A: We actually have to look at the numbers on the device’s keypad, so the answer is 24.

Brain Out Level 73 Answer

Q: Eat carrots again!
A: Drag the text to fill in the gap and act like a bridge, then tap the right arrow until the bunny gets to the carrot.

Brain Out Level 74 Answer

Q: Enter a 5-digit number password
A: If you look at your phone in a mirror, the “Error” will spell the password: 70773.

Brain Out Level 75 Answer

Q: The little elephant is so lonely.
A: Simply tap and hold your finger over the elephant until the “Copy” button appears, then tap it.

Brain Out Level 76 Answer

Q: Light up the 4th bulb
A: Just try over and over again: hit the start button and the light bulbs will start to light up. You have to hit the Pause button when the bulb with the number 4 (so the 3rd bulb, actually) lights up. Try again and again and eventually you will get it.

Brain Out Level 77 Answer

Q: Please write down a 2 digit number
A: 58 (you are basically finding the perimeter of the figure)

Brain Out Level 78 Answer

Q: Which claw is similar to the cat’s outstretched one?
A: Tap the cat’s left paw.

Brain Out Level 79 Answer

Q: Make the equation hold.
A: Tap the green 3 (the result) and move your finger over the screen until you make an 8.

Brain Out Level 80 Answer

Q: Go to the exit
A: Using the directional keys at the bottom, tap the left one to take the chicken out of the maze, them go up and right, then down again to basically go around the maze to the exit.

And this is it! We have now completed a new set of 40 levels in the game… but we’re far from over. So make sure to check back soon for even more answers to this wonderful game!

UPDATE: We’ve published a new set of answers! Make sure to check out the level 81 – 120 answers right away, and then the answers for levels 121 – 160.

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Brain Out Answers: Level 41 – Level 80 Walkthrough


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