Brain Out Answers: Level 121 – Level 160 Solutions

I hope you’re up for a new challenge, because this is what the new set of Brain Out levels is offering. And, as always, we’re here to help and share with you the complete solution for the Brain Out levels 121 – 160.

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You probably know it already, but I have to say it again anyway: we have published the answers for all the previous levels, so make sure to check the links below if you need some extra help with previous stages:

Now we have a ton of brand new – and even more difficult – puzzles to solve, so let’s not waste any time and instead let’s dive in to the complete walkthrough below for 40 new levels!

Brain Out Level 121 Answer

Q: Help the duck drink water.
A: Drag the large cloud over the sun and wait for the rain to start and fill up the vial. When this happens, drag it over to the duck.

Brain Out Level 122 Answer

Q: What’s your body temperature now?
A: Hold your finger over the bottom of the thermometer to see the “real” temperature: 968 degrees Fahrenheit. Just perfect!

Brain Out Level 123 Answer

Q: Mix red and blue together
A: Place one finger over the top of the vial, then shake your phone to mix the stuff.

Brain Out Level 124 Answer

Q: Put the giraffe into the fridge.
A: Pinch out over the fridge to enlarge it, then drag the giraffe on it.

Brain Out Level 125 Answer

Q: Turn off the light again
A: Swipe over the bulb, to the left, until it turns off

Brain Out Level 126 Answer

Q: In writing all of the integers from 1 to 199, how many times is 1 used
A: 140

Brain Out Level 127 Answer

Q: The little bunny is hungry again!
A: Drag one heart from the top over to the bunny to help him get bigger. Then control it using the arrows all the way to the margin of the board. When there, jump to the right and eat the carrot.

Brain Out Level 128 Answer

Q: There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If ET left, how many letters are left?
A: 21 (apparently ET the extraterrestrial left with the UFO – so 5 letters in total. Really difficult question!).

Brain Out Level 129 Answer

Q: Light up all the bulbs.
A: Drag the rightmost bulb away to the left of the screen until you can no longer see it, then press the buttons below the light bulbs.

Brain Out Level 130 Answer

Q: One candle is 50 cm high and can burn for 3 hours. Another one is 70 cm high and can burnd for 6 hours. How long does it take for these two candles to reach the same height?
A: 6 (after 6 hours they’re both gone).

Brain Out Level 131 Answer

Q: Can you solve this?
A: 410

Brain Out Level 132 Answer

Q: Help the baby get a haircut.
A: Shake your phone to make the baby fall asleep, then drag hair clipper over to the baby’s hair.

Brain Out Level 133 Answer

Q: You’re so smart! Let’s cheers!
A: Shake your phone a few times, then tap the cork to open the bottle.

Brain Out Level 134 Answer

Q: Solve the problem.
A: 20

Brain Out Level 135 Answer

Q: Turn on the least switch to get water
A: Tap the wheels shown in the image below to get it right:

Brain Out Level 136 Answer

Q: Find the wolf in the sheep.
A: Drag the meat over to the sheep – one of them will light up its eyes. Still holding the meat there, use another finger to drag the sheep’s fur away and reveal the wolf.

Brain Out Level 137 Answer

Q: Nap time is over! Wake baby up!
A: Rotate the clock’s minute hand until the baby wakes up, then drag the milk bottle over them.

Brain Out Level 138 Answer

Q: Make the paper windmill spin fast!
A: This is a really difficult one: first, tap the windmill a few times so it starts rotating. Then move your phone from left to right until it goes full speed.

Brain Out Level 139 Answer

Q: Find a heart
A: Drag the bottom red item over the top red one to get the heart.

Brain Out Level 140 Answer

Q: Hey! What time is it now.
A: Look at the real time on your device and use it as the answer.

Brain Out Level 141 Answer

Q: Do not lift up the stone! It’s disgusting under it.
A: Tap the stone with three fingers to see the “secret” under it – and wonder how’s that possible, maybe.

Brain Out Level 142 Answer

Q: How many triangles are there?
A: First, drag the middle triangle away, then count. You will get 7

Brain Out Level 143 Answer

Q: Help the kitten fishing.
A: Shake the phone to have the kitten raise the rod. Even though the game will show an X and make an error sound, be quick and drag over the worm into the hook. Wait until the cat starts fishing again, then shake the phone once more to get the fish.

Brain Out Level 144 Answer

Q: Zozo wants to go skating with friends! Help him find another skate.
A: Drag the bar from the item to the left and place it towards the bottom of the screen. Tapping over it with two fingers, rotate it so it looks like the blades of a skate. Then, rotate the heart and drag it over the blade so it looks like a red shoe. Finally, drag over the bottom of the cup to complete the skate:

Brain Out Level 145 Answer

Q: Today is ZOZO’s 16th birthday. Help him find the gift.
A: The code is his birth date: 20030816 (he didn’t get the chance to change the day on the calendar, apparently).

Brain Out Level 146 Answer

Q: Help Mark escape from the secret room.
A: Drag the bulb down until it gets dark, then repeatedly tap the Escape button until you’re done.

Brain Out Level 147 Answer

Q: Pigsy was captured by the monster. Save him!
A: Holding a finger over it, shake the monster until it drops the golden bracelet. Place it over the monkey, then drag the monkey away from the chair. Finally, grab one of the match sticks and give it to the monkey.

Brain Out Level 148 Answer

Q: Find out all the items
A: Check out the screenshot below to see all the hidden objects:

Brain Out Level 149 Answer

Q: Picking fruit.
A: Drag all the logs over the tree trunk, then drag the two sets of rope over them.

Brain Out Level 150 Answer

Q: Make the equation true.
A: Tap and hold over the 9, then rotate it to turn it into a 6. Then tap the numbers in order to solve it: 6+11+13 = 30

Brain Out Level 151 Answer

Q: Find the ping pong.
A: For the first two tries, just pay attention to where the ball is (Right and then middle in my case). Next when the speed shows 10, rub your finger over the 0 to erase it and play for the third time. (in my case, it was right again).

Brain Out Level 152 Answer

Q: Which one would you give up?
A: Drag then end of the rope the guy is holding to the other end of the other rope and you’re done!

Brain Out Level 153 Answer

Q: The old lady has 7 sons, and each son has a sister. So how many children does the old lady have.
A: 8 (they all have the same sister)

Brain Out Level 154 Answer

Q: How to catch the thief?
A: Look carefully at the bottom of the tree’s trunk: there is a shovel well hidden there. Drag it away (you will need a few tries to actually grab it) and place it to the left side of the screen, in the direction the thief is running towards. Then drag the straws over the hole to catch him:

Brain Out Level 155 Answer

Q: Save the egg.
A: Put one finger over the weights and with another, drag the egg away.

Brain Out Level 156 Answer

Q: Help the dog win.
A: The white horse always wins, so change places between the dog and the rabbit to see the dog win.

Brain Out Level 157 Answer

Q: Make an ice cream!
A: Use two fingers to swipe left and reveal that that machine is not plugged in – plug it in. Then, drag a cone over the machine, then drag ice and milk. That’s it!

Brain Out Level 158 Answer

Q: How many candles do I have left if 2 blew out?
A: 2

Brain Out Level 159 Answer

Q: Protect the rocket and hold on 15 seconds.
A: Quickly drag the “protect” word over the rocket and wait for the time to pass.

Brain Out Level 160 Answer

Q: Find the fly.
A: Drag the glasses that the boy is wearing over to the girl and when the fly appears, tap it.

These would be the answers that we have for you right now. I hope you found them helpful!

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Brain Out Answers: Level 121 – Level 160 Solutions



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