The gacha-based roleplaying game, Blue Archive, is set in a fictional world where the main character is a teacher tasked to resolve incidents in the city of Kivotos using Students'(playable characters). The game offers around nine schools, with each school having a Club or two where different students belong.

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Clubs play a major role in the game in terms of storytelling and a few other aspects. Keeping that in mind, we are here to discuss them.

What Are Clubs in Blue Archive?

The Clubs gives a basic understanding, lore, and the core principle of the students. Unlike the Circles, there are no known benefits that players can gain from Clubs. It just adds an extra layer of storytelling that makes the playable characters in Blue Archive distinctive from each other, yet similar to few when it comes to principles.

List of All Clubs with Known Members

Here is the complete list of Clubs in Blue Archive along with club members’ names.

Sl. No.Club Members
1After-School Sweets ClubIhara Yoshimi
Yutori Natsu
Kurimura Airi
2Cleaning & ClearingMikamo Neru
Kakudate Karin
Murokasa Akane
Ichinose Asuna
3Disciplinary CommitteeSorasaki Hina
Amau Ako
Shiromi Iori
Hinomia Chinatsu
4Engineering DepartmentShiroishi Utaha
Nekozuka Hibiki
Toyomi Kotori
5Foreclosure Task ForceTakanashi Hoshino
Kuromi Serika
Okusora Ayane
Sunaookami Shiroko
Izayoi Nonomi
6Game Development DepartmentHanaoka Yuzu
Saiba Momoi
Saiba Midori
Tendou Alice
7Gourmet Research SocietyKurodate Haruna
Wanibuchi Akari
Akashi Junko
Shishidou Izumi
8Handyman 68Rikuhachima Aru
Onikata Kayoko
Asagi Mutsuki
Igusa Haruka
9Justice Realization CommitteeHanekawa Hasumi
Shizuyama Mashiro
Kensaki Tsurugi
10No. 227 Special ClassAmami Nodoka
Shigure Ui
12Supplementary Lesson DepartmentAjitani Hifumi
Shirasu Azusa
Shimoe Koharu
Urawa Hanako
Konuri Maki
Omagari Hare
Otose Kotama
14School Club

Blue Archive Complete Club List

As we mentioned earlier, in Kivotos, there are nine schools, out of which six schools have some Clubs whose names are currently known to the players. In the above list, we mentioned only the Clubs name whose members were known to us. In this list, you will find all the Clubs currently present in Blue Archive, irrespective of the members.


  • Countermeasures Committee


  • Pandemonium Society (Student Council)
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Handyman 68
  • Gourmet Research Society
  • Hot Springs Development Department
  • School Lunch Club


  • Seminar (Student Council)
  • Cleaning&Clearing
  • Engineering Department
  • Game Development Department
  • Veritas
  • Paranormal Affairs Department


  • Tea Party (Student Council)
  • Justice Realization Committee
  • Supplementary Lesson Department
  • After-School Sweets Club
  • Knight Hospitaller
  • Order of the Relief


  • Yin-Yang Club
  • Festival Management Committee
  • Etiquette Training Society
  • Ninjutsu Research Department


  • Chinese Alchemy Study Club

Red Winter

  • Red Winter Office (Student Council)
  • No. 227 Special Class
  • Public Works Department
  • Knowledge Liberation Front

Blue Archive is an anime-styled gacha-based roleplaying game released this November on Android and iOS platforms.

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