A Circle is a guild/club-like system in Blue Archive that players can use to socialize with other players. It comes with other benefits too. Players who are in a Circle can passively earn AP and a ton of Gold. 

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Being in a Circle also helps players with Total War, as they can use other Teachers’ (players) students (playable characters) in battle. 

In this Blue Archive Circles guide, we will talk about how you can unlock the Circles feature. We will also share details on how to create a circle, as well as the benefits that come with it. 

How to Unlock Circles in Blue Archive 

In Blue Archive, players can unlock Circles by progressing the game to Mission 3, Act 4. Once that is done, players unlock the Circles feature, where they either join a Circle or create one. 

How to Create a Circle in Blue Archive 

Players can create a Circle using the button available on the bottom right side of the Blue Archive’s main screen. 

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When you click on the said button, you have to pay 100 Pyroxene to create the Circle. 

What Are the Actions You Can Do In Your Circle in Blue Archive?

Here are the actions you can perform in your Circle in Blue Archive.

  • Name the circle
  • Set approval criteria
    • Automatic approval
    • Manual approval
  • Appoint a Sub-Leader
  • Change the “Greeting Message.”
  • Remove members

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Circle?

As we mentioned earlier, you passively generate AP when you are a part of a Circle. You can also set Supports that other teachers can use by paying 40,000 Gold. And, in case you need additional support in Total War, you can take that from your Circle. 

Blue Archive is an anime-styled gacha-based roleplaying game released this November on Android and iOS platforms.

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What are Circles in Blue Archive: Unlocking, Creating, and More


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