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Blue Archive Crafting Guide: How To Craft In Blue Archive – Tips And Cheats

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: How To Craft In Blue Archive – Tips And Cheats

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The global version of Blue Archive is now available. This is a gacha game where you play a teacher at a school (brought from another world isekai style) who recruits students to solve various mysteries in your city and defeat bad guys. One of the important components of the game is crafting. Here is everything you need to know about crafting.

How To Get To The Crafting Feature

The way this game works is that you won’t unlock certain features until you clear up to certain story points. Crafting will become available when you have completed chapter 3.2.

Items You Can Get From Crafting

The item nodes from the crafting feature in blue archive

After going to the crafting section, you will see there are three slots for spaces to craft. You can only do three per day, so choose wisely. You’ll be able to use this for a wide variety of items such as gifts and exp reports. Be sure to check the daily missions before doing any because there is almost always a daily mission to make a specific item.

The minimum item needed for crafting is key stones. You need just one to do the actual craft, but the more of them you use, the higher the rarity of the item produced will be. You’ll notice the circle with a blue line around it on the screen next to the key stone screen. The more key stones you use, the more the yellow line inside the blue circle line will fill up. You need five to fill it up all the way.

How To Get Key Stones For Crafting

the screen where players can use key stones in blue archive

Key stones aren’t as widely available as other items, so be sure to conserve them as much as possible. You can get them in PvP, from daily missions, and completing a certain number of hard mode missions every week. Another way to get them is from point conversions in the gacha’s pity system. Basically, when there’s a rare character on the pickup summon, you’ll get points every time you try to summon them and when you get to a certain amount of points, you can just directly unlock the character with the points. Let’s say you don’t get enough points or don’t use them, after the pickup time ends, the points you got will be converted into key stones.

After using the key stones, it will generate a random selection of item nodes. There are six possible categories that can show up, these are:

Beginner Level Reinforcement Material

Intermediate Level Reinforcement Material

Advanced Level Reinforcement Material

Cafe Furniture

Gifts For Students

Growth Material (Report)

What To Use The Crafting Feature For

Do not be too concerned if you’re having a hard time getting one category to generate, as most of the material that would have been generated can be easily collected in the game. In fact, you should be using this feature mainly to make cafe furniture because the furniture will increase your game playing stamina, also called AP. Crafting is also the only way you can actually make furniture. If you don’t get a furniture category on the first roll, you have the option for a reroll as well.

Those are the basics of crafting in Blue Archive. Enjoy the story and good luck on your gacha rolls!

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Blue Archive Crafting Guide: How To Craft In Blue Archive – Tips And Cheats


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