Blue Archive is a gacha-based roleplaying game where players get appointed as a Sensei to the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, located in Kivotos. The players’ goal is to resolve incidents in the city of Kivotos using the myriad of anime-styled playable characters. 

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Taking the role of “Sensei” in Blue Archive, you must know about the different students you add to your party. Since the game offers a profusion of playable characters, “Students,” it is hard to keep track of every character, their roles, class, and other information.  

To help you out, we have prepared a handy list that names all the playable characters in Blue Archive while sharing basic details on them. 

Blue Archive Characters List

Here is the complete detailed list of characters in Blue Archive.  

Arisu3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Aru3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Asuna (Bunny Girl)3 StarMillenniumSupportStriker
Azusa3 StarTrinityAttackerStriker
Azusa (Swimsuit)3 StarTrinityAttackerStriker
Cherino3 StarRed WinterAttackerStriker
Eimi3 StarMillenniumTankStriker
Haruna3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Hatsune Miku3 StarOtherSupportSpecial
Hibiki3 StarMillenniumAttackerSpecial
Hifumi3 StarTrinitySupportStriker
Hifumi (Swimsuit)3 StarTrinityTactical SupportSpecial
Hina3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Hina (Swimsuit)3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Hoshino3 StarAbydosTankStriker
Iori3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Iori (Swimsuit)3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Izumi3 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Izuna3 StarHyakkiyakoAttackerStriker
Karin3 StarMillenniumAttackerSpecial
Karin (Swimsuit)3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Koharu3 StarTrinityHealerStriker
Maki3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Mashiro3 StarTrinityAttackerSpecial
Mashiro (Swimsuit)3 StarTrinityAttackerSpecial
Midori3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Natsu3 StarTrinityTankStriker
Neru3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Neru (Swimsuit)3 StarMillenniumTankStriker
Saya3 StarShanhaijingAttackerSpecial
Saya (Casual)3 StarShanhaijingAttackerSpecial
Shiroko3 StarAbydosAttackerStriker
Shiroko (Riding)3 StarAbydosAttackerStriker
Shun3 StarShanhaijingAttackerStriker
Shun (Kid)3 StarShanhaijingAttackerStriker
Sumire3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Tsurugi3 StarTrinityAttackerStriker
Yuzu3 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Airi2 StarTrinitySupportSpecial
Akane2 StarMillenniumSupportStriker
Akari2 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Ayane2 StarAbydosAttackerSpecial
Chise2 StarHyakkiyakoAttackerStriker
Fuuka2 StarGehennaHealerSpecial
Hanae2 StarTrinityHealerSpecial
Hanako2 StarTrinityHealerSpecial
Hare2 StarMillenniumSupportSpecial
Hasumi2 StarTrinityAttackerStriker
Junko2 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Kayoko2 StarGehennaSupportStriker
Kirino2 StarValkyrieSupportStriker
Mari2 StarTrinitySupportSpecial
Momoi2 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Mutsuki2 StarGehennaAttackerStriker
Nonomi2 StarAbydosAttackerStriker
Serika2 StarAbydosAttackerStriker
Shizuko2 StarHyakkiyakoSupportSpecial
Tsubaki2 StarHyakkiyakoTankStriker
Utaha2 StarMillenniumAttackerSpecial
Yuuka2 StarMillenniumTankStriker
Asuna1 StarMillenniumAttackerStriker
Chinatsu1 StarGehennaHealerSpecial
Haruka1 StarGehennaTankStriker
Izumi (Swimsuit)1 StarGehennaSupportStriker
Juri1 StarGehennaSupportSpecial
Kotama1 StarMillenniumSupportSpecial
Kotori1 StarMillenniumSupportStriker
Nodoka1 StarRed WinterSupportSpecial
Pina1 StarHyakkiyakoAttackerStriker
Serina1 StarTrinityHealerSpecial
Shimiko1 StarTrinitySupportSpecial
Suzumi1 StarTrinitySupportStriker
Tsurugi (Swimsuit)1 StarTrinityAttackerStriker
Yoshimi1 StarTrinityAttackerSpecial

Blue Archive is an anime-styled gacha-based roleplaying game released this November on Android and iOS platforms.

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Blue Archive Character Guide: All Characters, Roles, Class, and More


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