Bless Mobile, the latest MMORPG by Joycity has had it’s official release recently and there’s a number of new players joining the servers. So there’s no better time to write an article about this game and help all of you who decided to pick up Bless Mobile.

If you are an experienced MMORPG player but you don’t have that much time to invest into a game, then this guide is for you. If you are a new player feeling overwhelmed by the game’s content, this guide is for you as well.

We will focus on the most important stuff that you should do in Bless Mobile, save you time and give you some direction. Without any further ado let’s dive right into Bless Mobile Guide

How to Level Up FAST in Bless Mobile!

One of the best ways to earn experience, materials, gears etc is to take advantage of the Auto-Combat option and afk farm. Use the Monster cards you pick up by killing mobs to complete Monster Collection. Each card you level up will passively give your character stats. You can follow our guide on how to properly set up Auto-Combat if you wish.

If you don’t have the ability to farm afk for whatever reason then you should use Poony’s Choice and rest rewards. Select the zone that you wish to farm in, clear your bag (you need at least 30 empty slots) and the game will automatically log you out.

As you are progressing in the game by following the Main story line quests, take Area Board Quests of the same mobs. The quests stack, and it’s the most efficient way to farm and earn lots of experience.

Very important as you level up is to complete Adventure quests by gathering Adventure Cards. Every set of cards you complete will give your character a very good stat boost and it’s also how you earn Archangel Soul Stones to raise your Archangel level and skills. You can also exchange Adventure coins for gears. If you want to know more about it, I suggest you take a look at our Bless Mobile Adventure Cards Guide.

Don’t neglect to raise your Life Skills mastery as you are going to need them not only to complete quests ( ex. Adventure Cards), but also the higher your mastery, the better buffs you can craft and that will help you clear Dungeons etc.

About Gears and how to obtain them

Don’t spend a ton of resources on early game gears, especially low tier ones as you are going to need the materials for your ‘end game gear’. Leveling in Bless Mobile isn’t that hard at all if you know what you are doing (aka following this guide ! ). Just Power Up your weapon to help you speed up your farming until you get to level 52~, then look to +10 or so the rest of your gear but don’t go over the top or stress about it.

Rare (Blue) T3 Gears can be obtained by farming mobs in Abyss Dungeon (Dawn Lechria Plain -see picture below). Do these dungeons daily ! There are always other players there, use the party option to join one of the existing parties.

At level 62 you are going to unlock gear Crafting option but it will take some time before you gather all the materials needed.

Gears you pick up can be disassembled to obtain Legendary craft materials and also Ancient strength powder. You need these to Power Up your Ancient Tome Piece passives. Another thing you can do with the gears you pick up is use them to complete Gear Collection. Complete the sets and get passive stats.

Daily Quests

Don’t forget that you have two daily Free Summons – one gear and one pet summon. You can buy them from the Shop for 10k gold each.

If you have limited time per day to invest in the game, these instances should be your priority. Daily Dungeon, Misery Dungeon, Abyss Dungeon, Arena. Challenge Tower has a Search option. Use it daily on the highest floor that you’ve completed for the rewards.

This sums up all the things that you should be focusing on in Bless Mobile as a new player. If you have any questions or something that you would like to add, let us know in the comment section down below.

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