A very easy way of improving your character in Bless Mobile is by doing adventures and acquiring adventure cards. Gathering particular sets of card will grant you stats and as result Combat Power(CP).

Like most content in Bless Mobile, this can be easily done by auto-moving for the most part (but more on that later). Let’s take a look at the types of these adventures and their missions.

Types of Adventures in Bless Mobile:

There are 6 types of adventures: People, Geography, Records, Creatures, Study and Environment.


Stories centered on certain people, a process of acquiring information or discovering hidden stories.

Type of mission: Acquire information by asking NPCs questions.


Discover villages, fields, dungeons, hidden areas and interact with specific objects placed in those areas to obtain information.

Type of mission: Acquire information from objects or by moving to a specific location.


Collect various clues from diaries, memos, general information and complete the information.

Type of mission: Obtain information by collecting multiple clues connected to a particular object and combining them.


Obtain information on the monster by investigating the magic essence after hunting

Type of mission: Hunt monster to obtain information.


Acquire knowledge of history, architecture, art, etc. Conduct investigations in specific areas to obtain information.

Type of mission: Excavate dungeons or unlock enchanted objects to obtain information.


Collect specific plants and minerals to obtain specific items.

Type of mission: Obtain information through Gathering/Mining/Fishing

Gathering Adventure Cards in Bless Mobile

From the Menu on the top left of your screen, tap on Adventure. Go to Collection Tab and tap on the card from the card set that you want to complete. Tap on the notification box and then Auto-Move (see pictures below). Most cards can be collected that way. There are cards that Auto-Move won’t work for though and you’ll have to find them on your own by reading the clues given to you.

In order to collect some of the cards in Bless Mobile there are some pre-requisites, for example to collect the Environmental Card Silver Arowana you need to have Fishing skill lv4. Another pre-requiste could be to collect another card -or set of cards- first etc.

How to find every Adventure Card in Bless Mobile

Originally I thought about making a post with all the Adventure Cards locations in Bless Mobile, but in the end that doesn’t make a lot of sense because as you keep leveling new cards will become available (at the moment my main character in Bless Mobile is around Lv60 so even if I wanted to I couldn’t write about EVERY card in the game).

Also it’s not hard to actually find any of these cards. So instead, in this section , I’ll tell how you can find any card in Bless Mobile and give you an example.

Let’s take for example the Adventure Card ‘Protected One’ (see pictures below). From the text we see that we need to look for it in Corpora area, to the northeast(top right) of Aguram Lot zone.

Open the map by tapping once on the mini map and select Corpora area. Look for Aguram Lot zone in the map and tap once on it. As you start auto moving, once you enter Aguram Lot zone, keep your eyes on the mini map. Since the ‘Protected One’ is an Environmental Adventure Card, what you are looking for is a green leaf sign on the mini map. Pretty simple right?

By gathering Adventure Cards, not only you boost your character’s stats by completing the card sets, but also you gain Adventure Tokens that you can exchange for gears at the Adventure Chairman in Corpora Castle. In addition you also earn materials to level up your Archangel level and skills.

That’s all there is to know about Adventure Cards in Bless Mobile. Hopefully this article helped you to understand how it all works. If you think that we’ve missed on something, or there’s something that you want to ask, let us know in the comment section down below!

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