BitLife King to Kingpin Challenge Guide

BitLife King to Kingpin Challenge Guide

BitLife is an amazing simulator where you can become whoever you want, live a virtual life as you always dreamed of. But if you have already tried all the professions, do not be discouraged, because the game regularly releases a variety of challenges. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the King to Kingpin Challenge.

How to Complete King to Kingpin Challenge

On December 4, a challenge came out in which you need to achieve the highest social status, and then go down to the very bottom.

First, you need to become a king, not a queen, but a king. Therefore, you need to be born a boy in a country with a monarchy. For example, the country can be Japan, the United Kingdom, or Saudi Arabia. You will have to start the game many times until you are born as a member of the royal family. It’s much faster than trying to join the royal family through marriage. You must live and do good deeds so that after the death of your parents you become king. But if someone bothers you, kill him, you are the king after all.

Then immediately commit bad deeds and murders so that you would be expelled from the country.

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Now you have to immigrate back to your country, open the menu as many times as necessary until your country appears, and then immigrate there illegally.

Now get a job as a criminal and join some crime syndicates. If you have killed a lot of people, you are more likely to get involved in a crime syndicate.

Finally, try to be a good criminal or rather a bad one. Commit crimes, invest in a syndicate, and don’t get caught by police until you reach the rank of Underboss.

And bam, the King to Kingpin challenge is complete.

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BitLife King to Kingpin Challenge Guide


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