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Welcome once more to the world of BitLife, the game where anyone can be anything. Kings and queens are pretty great, wouldn’t you agree? It would be even better if you become one, right? Well it’s your lucky day, as the Royalty update is here for BitLife!

In today’s BitLife guide, we will go over the new Royalty update and how to become the king or queen of a country. You can do lots of things as the ruler of the country, so who doesn’t want to be the king or queen? Let’s get started with our how to be a king or queen in BitLife tips and cheats guide!

Choosing the Right Countries

Royalty only exists in countries where there are established monarchies. Choosing a country without a monarchy will essentially prevent you from becoming any kind of royalty, so make sure you choose a country from this list.

Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, and the United Kingdom.

When you’re starting a new life be sure to set your country to one of the above for a chance at being born into royalty.

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Be Born into Royalty

To become a king or queen of the country, you’ll need to work your way up the monarchy, which means you need to be a part of the royal family to begin with. There are two ways you can do this: either get lucky and be born into the royal family, or marry into the family.

When you start a random life in one of the listed countries above, you have a random chance to start as the newest member of the royal family. If this happens you’re all set – just live your life as normal and have fun with your new royalty privileges.

The chance to be born into royalty is moderately high, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work out the first time around. Just simply surrender or start a new life, and keep trying until it happens.

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How to Marry into Royalty

The other way to become a king or queen is marry into royalty. This means that you’ll need to date around rapidly in hopes of finding a princess or prince of the royal family.

You can scope out a person before you commit to a date, and you’ll know you found the right person if the game mentions in their info that they are a part of royalty. Date them immediately and don’t let them go!

Of course, this means you’ll need to be a catch yourself. The royal family has very high standards, so you’ll need to look good, be intelligent, be in shape, and of course be somewhat wealthy.

This pretty much means that you’ll need to have a perfect life, which is very hard to do for reasons out of your control. You might get unlucky and be hit with a bunch of unfortunate events, but hang in there and keep trying.

Once you’re dating the prince or princess, do everything you can to keep their happiness up. Keep a close eye on their happiness levels and make sure to compliment them, take them out on dates, and spend lots of time with them.

With any luck, you’ll be able to propose to them (or be proposed to!) and you’ll finally be entered into the royal family.

God Mode is the Quickest Way

God Mode is a premium unlock in BitLife. For 4.99 USD, players are able to customize every single thing about their BitLife, including the option of royalty. If you don’t mind paying real money, God Mode is the easiest and quickest way to become royalty.

God Mode also lets you control appearance and attributes, and you can even edit the names of characters that appear in your BitLife. You can also switch generations in the middle of a life, opting to play as your children while you’re still alive.

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Become the King or Queen

Now that you’re in the royal family, you simply have to wait until you’re old enough. When the king or queen passes from old age, you will become the next king or queen because you are the next heir.

As the king or queen, you basically have nothing to worry about. Doctors will take care of you, you’ll have plenty of money to do whatever you want and buy every single thing on the market and more, and you’re free to even enact your own laws.

You will automatically become famous as well, so you hang out with the cool celebrities if you want. Just make sure that you keep your fame up and maintain your public image, otherwise the public will not like you.

You can put your royal powers to work and do all sorts of extreme tasks. You can execute people (even your own family and friends!), support new laws that can change the country, help out your local community, or even cause chaos.

Will you be a kind ruler, or will you throw your country into chaos? The choice is yours and you can do whatever you see fit, but just remember to keep an eye on your respect gauge.

The lower your respect goes, the greater chance that the country will vote against you and try to kick you out of power. Be careful not to let this happen lest all your work be for naught!

We hope you enjoy your newfound powers as the ruler of the country. If you have any other tips or tricks about becoming king or queen, let us know in the comments below!

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