Are you sporty type? Want to show off your flexibility to the world? Why not join the gymanstics team in BitLife, the game where anyone can be anything! Practicing gymnastics isn’t quite as obvious as it should be, but it functions similarly to playing sports in BitLife. We’ll show you all the steps you need to take to practice gymnastics in BitLife.

Early Life

When starting out, you’ll need to make sure that your stats are decent. If your character starts out with any attribute less than 60%, then you may want to reconsider remaking your characters. The most important attribute, athleticism, is unfortunately hidden until you try to apply for an activity or team, so we’ll keep moving along in the meantime.

Note: If you have God Mode unlocked, be sure to set your character’s specialty to sports. This will basically guarantee you get on the gymnastics team.

Your early life isn’t too different. Be nice to your friends and family and make sure to do well in school. Don’t skip school because your grades matter when trying out for sports teams!

As soon as you’re able to, practice a martial art, go on walks, and hit up the gym. As we mentioned, you won’t know your athleticism until you try to join a team, so you want to bump it up as much as possible by exercising and staying healthy.

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Practicing Gymnastics

Once you get to middle school, you can check your school’s activities to see if the Gymnastics Team is there. If it’s not, just age up until you reach high school and check again. It seems as though the BitLife devs have fixed the exploit where you could force quit the app to refresh the random choice lists, as that does not seem to work anymore, at least on iOS.

Check once more when you’re in high school. If you still don’t see the Gymnastics Team, you have more chances at making the team once you get to university. Age up and do well in your classes, and you’ll be able to graduate and make it to college with a scholarship.

College is another chance to join the Gymnastics Team, which counts as practicing gymnastics. Tap on school at the bottom left, then go into your school tab and tap on activities. You’ll be able to join a team from there if you see it.

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Don’t worry if you still can’t find the Gymnastics Team, because you can go to higher education and try again. Basically anytime you’re enrolled at a school, you have access to the activities tab where you can attempt to look for and join the gymnastics team. You can restart your life if you’ve exhausted all of your education time.

With enough luck, you’ll be able to practice gymnastics in a short amount of time. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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