Are you a little mad for clowns? Well it’s your time to shine in this week’s BitLife challenge: the Harley Quinn challenge! BitLifers are going to have to get a little crazy to complete this challenge, but we wouldn’t expect any less from The Joker’s sassy sidekick. We’ve got all the tips you need to know in our BitLife guide on how to complete the Harley Quinn challenge!

Harley Quinn Challenge Objectives

  • Be born a female in the United States
  • Practice gymnastics
  • Work as a psychiatrist
  • Rob a bank with a croquet mallet
  • Escape from prison

Early Life

Your descent into madness starts now… but not a for a while, at least! Set your character to be born as a female in the United States. During the early phase of your life you’ll need to be good to your family and friends, and make sure to stay in school.

You’re going to need good athleticism for this challenge, so if you have God Mode unlocked make sure to set your character’s specialty to sports. As soon as you turn eight years old, start practicing a martial art to get your athleticism up. Start going on walks too when you can, as every little thing helps!

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When you’re offered to join a team/club in middle school, join the gymnastics team. If you make it great, but no big deal if you don’t. If you don’t even see it offered, force quit BitLife and re-open to force the teams to cycle out.

Once you make the team, practice hard every year. Stay on the team all the way through high school if you can. If for whatever reason your sports career isn’t working out during your middle/high school years, you can also try again once you get to college.

Becoming a Deadly Psychiatrist

Graduate from high school, then immediately go to college. If you managed to stay on the gymnastics team up until now, you may even get offered a scholarship. Accept it and make sure to set your major to psychology. If you don’t see it, do it the usual and force quit the game.

Make sure not to go professional, as that’s not the career path we’re looking for in this challenge. Once you graduate from your four-year degree, it’s time to move onto Medical School. Apply for a scholarship and hope for the best, but if it doesn’t work out just take out a loan. We’re not going to need money where we’re going!

Graduate from medical school, then immediately check the job board. Look for Jr Psychiatrist, which is usually sitting somewhere near the middle of the list. Force quit if you don’t see it right away to save yourself some years. Apply and nail the interview to complete another objective!

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Now it’s time for some mayhem! Go ahead and commit any kind of crime that will get you in trouble with the cops – robbing homes, stealing cars, assault, whatever floats your boat. When the cops catch you, plead guilty to be sent to jail. You’ll then have to escape from prison, which requires a bit of logic puzzle solving. Just don’t make a move unless you have a route mapped out. Keep in mind that for every step you take the guard takes two!

It’s time to go out with a bang. Rob a bank from the crime menu and choose the croquet mallet as your weapon of choice. Close the robbing menu if it doesn’t show up to refresh the choices. In order to complete the challenge objective, you need to successfully rob the bank – if the cops catch you, force quit and try again.

Once you rob the bank and get away with it, you have officially completed the Harley Quinn challenge! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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