The newest BitLife challenge is here, and this time players will take on the life of the legendary Shaolin Monks! You’ll be meditating like no tomorrow and become a martial artist master, even taking down people with special martial arts moves! This challenge can be done with enough patience, so let us lead you through it with our BitLife guide on how to complete the Shaolin Monk challenge!

Shaolin Monk Challenge Checklist

  • Be a monk for 20+ consecutive years
  • Meditate annually for 30+ years
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Kill 3 people with martial art moves

Early Life

Your starting country doesn’t seem to matter, so go ahead and pick whatever location you want. We went with the good ol’ USA. Just make sure that you’re born a male, as only men can be monks.

Note: If you have god mode enabled, be sure to give your character the Crime special talent, as this will make a later objective much easier.

As you’re growing up, be a good little boy: be nice to your family, do well in school, and be good to your friends. The reason being is that the nicer you are to your family, the higher chance they’ll pay for lessons of your first martial art.

When you hit 8 years old, you’ll be able to take a martial art classes. Provided your parents like, they’ll let you take a class and even pay for it. Choose kung fu as your first martial art, then keep taking classes until you get the black belt, which is the highest you can get for kung fu.

Now, you may be thinking, why not just get all of the martial arts here when they’re free? Good thinking, but your parents will only allow you to take on one martial art. You’ll have to pay for the rest on your own.

At 12 years old, you’ll unlock the ability to meditate. Do this as soon as you’re able to, then make sure to do it at least once every year for the next 30 years – this will complete one of the challenge objectives. Be absolutely sure you’ve meditated before you age up a year, as missing just one year will reset your progress and you will have to start ALL over!

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Becoming a Monk & Mid Life

As you’re going through elementary and high school, make sure not to get romantically involved with anyone. We’re not exactly sure if this locks you out of becoming a monk, but it’s better to be safe.

Once you graduate and you’re out of high school, it’s time to start looking for the monk job. This is a rather time sensitive challenge so we recommend force quitting the game if you don’t see the monk job appear on the list, as this will save you from wasting a year. Make sure that you’re still meditating every year!

Monk pays very little, so it’s usually hanging around at the bottom of the job listings. Once the monk job appears, you’ll be asked a interview question like normal so just give the answer that makes the most sense. You should be able to get the job no problem, but the same rules apply – do not get romantically involved with anyone to keep your job safe.

Monks make a little bit of money, so if you haven’t mastered all of the martial arts by now, it’s time to do so now. Each class costs a bit of money, and there’s at least four more martial arts to master, so you’re gonna need a lot of money. If you’re in the US, each martial art class costs $1,000. Just keep taking the classes until you get the highest belt – you don’t need to wait a year before you can take another class.

Highest belts of each martial art:

  • Kung fu: Black
  • Jiu-jitsu: Red
  • Judo: Red
  • Karate: Red
  • Taekwondo: Black

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Martial Arts Execution

Once you’ve mastered all the martial arts, all that is left is to finish your work as a monk and execute some enemies. You’ll need to be a monk for at least 20 years, and we highly recommend completing that before going onto the next step.

The final challenge is to execute three people using martial arts moves. The best move to use for this in our experience is the Tiger Claw Strike, the first move you learn from kung fu.

You can attack a person any time you get into a confrontation, like the random ones where you bump into an aggressive person on the street. You can also visit the nightclub where you might get an event where you are confronted by a stranger, which lets you promptly attack them.

Be sure to check the message log to see if the person dies from the wounds. If they don’t they may strike back, and you might die if you’re really unlucky. You might also get arrested as well, though this isn’t entirely a bad thing as you can still fight in prison and it’ll count towards the challenge. Either way, if the person doesn’t die from the injuries, you can force quit the app and try again.

If everything has gone right up to now, then congratulations – you have completed the Shaolin Monk challenge! If you ahve any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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