BitLife‘s newest challenge is another one based off a movie. This time we’ll be reliving the events of the horror film The Belko Experiment, a movie where a seemingly normal industrial company forces its employees to do the unthinkable… which you’ll have to do in your BitLife to complete the challenge! Strap in, it’s time for guide on how to complete The Belko Challenge in BitLife!

The Belko Challenge Checklist

  • Be born in Colombia
  • Get a corporate job
  • Get promoted to an executive position
  • Kill a coworker
  • Kill your supervisor

Despite how deadly and complex this challenge sounds, it’s not too bad to complete. In fact you can do this with relative ease, so let’s get started!

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Early Life

First off, you’ll need to be born in Colombia. This is pretty easy – just start a new life and set your starting country to Colombia. During your early years, just focus on growing up and being a good little kid. Study hard, be nice your family and friends, and you should have an easy time to growing up. Make sure to keep your smarts up, as you’ll need them later down the line.

Once you get to college, you’ll want to choose a business related major like Finance or something. This is a requirement if you want to get an office environment corporate job, which is what we’re aiming for.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Graduate from college and now you’re set to get a corporate job. Every year take a look at the job listings and look for a corporate-type job, including financial analysts, translators, accountants, and the like. As long as it says corporate in the parentheses and it seems to be some kind of office job, it’ll count for this challenge.

You’ll need to start from the bottom, so apply for the lower level positions. Provided your smarts are still high, you should get the job with no problems. Once you’re in, all you have to do now is to just keep working hard. Put in extra hours and make sure to be nice to your co-workers and supervisors. Eventually with enough work you’ll be promoted to an executive position.

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Let the Games Commence

Now that you’re in a high position and you have befriended your co-workers, it’s time to execute them! To complete the challenge you must kill one co-worker and your supervisor.

The safest way to do this is only available to you if you’re a Bitizen subscriber. If you are, go to the activities tab, go to crime, then go to Hitman. This allows you to put a hit on anyone you know, which will cover your butt so that you’re not caught. You have to take out a co-worker and your supervisor and you’ll be done with the challenge!

If you’re not a Bitzien subscriber, you’ll to have to take matters into your own hands. From the crime menu, you can choose to murder someone yourself. Select your target and then choose your plan of attack – try not to choose the joke options such as the atomic wedgie as these tend to fail more.

Your target will be killed if your murder attempt is successful, but if they somehow live and you’re caught in the act, there is a very good chance you will be sent to prison and found guilty. We recommend that you have a hefty sum of money saved up before you attempt murder yourself as you’ll need to hire the best lawyer if you have any chance of avoiding prison.

And that’s it! With any luck you’ll complete the Belko challenge. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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