BitLife‘s newest challenge is here, and it’s based off of the 2006 memoir Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. Players will go through the events of the memoir, including taking a trip to three aforementioned countries! We’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you complete the Eat Pray Love challenge right here in our BitLife guide!

Challenge Objectives

  • Be born in the United States
  • Become a famous author
  • Get divorced
  • Experience Mediterranean food in Italy
  • Achieve inner peace in India
  • Find love in Indonesia

The challenge ends 3/31 at 9PM PST.

Early-to-Mid Life

To start things out, make sure you start your new life born in the United States, as this is the first objective of the challenge. Nothing too special about this, just select the US as your starting location.

Be a good kid, behave, and make lots of friends, and you should be able to get by middle and high school relatively easy. Once you’re out of high school, you can start looking to be an author. You don’t need to graduate from college for this job, and in fact we recommend skipping college because you’re going to need all the time to complete this challenge.

Check the job listings every day and choose the Author job whenever you see it posted. Once you’re an author, be sure to put in more hours and work very hard. Open social media accounts on every platform and make sure to be active every year. Eventually you’ll become famous!

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Embarking on the Life Journey

If you want to stay true to the memoir or the events of the movies, it’s time to get hitched. Start dating someone and make sure to treat them right, as you’ll need to marry them. Once you’re married, get a divorce and this will mark off the third objective.

Now that you’re out of marriage, it’s time to start traveling the world. You can do the globe-trotting objectives in any order, so we’ll list all the things you need to do. You’ll need to emigrate to several different countries, which can be done in the activities tab.

Do note that the emigration tab doesn’t always show all of the countries. If the country you need isn’t in the list, simply hit the X button and tap on emigrate again – this will refresh the list of countries. Do this as many times as necessary.

  • Italy – Go on the Mediterranean diet in Mind & Body
  • India – Do the Meditate action while in India
  • Indonesia – Start dating a romantic partner while in Indonesia

Under certain circumstances you may be rejected from emigrating to one or more of these countries. If this happens, we recommend changing careers if you’re still an author. We don’t know the exact cause for emigration rejection, and for all we know it can be completely random so you can always just try again.

Once you’ve completed all of these objectives, you’re done! You have officially completed the Eat Pray Love BitLife challenge!

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