Deadbeat Dad is a new challenge in a free-to-play mobile Life-Simulator BitLife. This guide will explain everything you need to know about this challenge and how to complete it.

Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Deadbeat Dad challenge in BitLife you need to succeed in the next objectives:

  • Become a Father
  • Never have a full-time job
  • Abandon few children (2+) from different women
  • Lose a lot of money through gambling
  • Have your home repossessed
  • Contact with one of the abandoned children

Let’s take a look at how to complete all these tasks. As the first step, you need to create a male character and make him a father. You need to sleep with three different women and have unprotected sex with them. Your character needs to be eighteen years old to complete this, so you just need to age until this moment.

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After your character became a father you will need to continue your life and don’t work on full-time jobs. You can go for a part-time job and get the money to lose it through gambling. Then you will need to go to your children’s relationship tab and abandon two of them.

The next thing, after abandoning two children is to lose 100k in a casino or horse track. After that buy a home with a mortgage and spend all money, so you won’t be able to pay it. It will make your house repossessed.

The last task for you is to reconnect with one of your abandoned children. In order to do so, find the child’s profile and click the reconnect button. That’s it! You have completed the challenge and succeed in becoming a true Deadbeat Dad. Follow the steps mentioned in this guide and you will make it. Good luck with your Deadbeat adventures.

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