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BitLife is a video game that gives you the chance to simulate life from the moment you are born. Each of your decisions in this unique game matters and allows you to live your chosen life.

BitLife is a menu-driven game, just as it is in InstLife. However, you do not just have to decide whether you want to study or not, you also have to decide whether you will do a number of other activities that affect the kind of life your character will live. Your decisions will lead to a variety of events that can also affect your future. Today we are going to tell you how to do the Goodfellas challenge in BitLife.

Challenge objectives:

  • Be born a male in New York
  • Join the Italian mafia
  • Make it to Underboss
  • Whack 5+ mobsters
  • Enter the witness protection program


First, you have to be born as a boy in new york to start your journey.

How to Join the Italian Mafia

You need to age up to 18 years and commit a crime to be able to be part of the «family». Once you are in the mafia, you must gain their authority and respect.

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How to Make It to the Underboss

You must commit a crime every year (Burglary, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Grand Theft Auto). As long as you will be doing these, your authority will grow and you will be promoted to underboss.

How to Whack Mobsters

To do that you must go to the occupation job to your mafia family and you must choose who you want to whack, but before you do it, you must be sure that everyone likes you and your reputation is high, so no one going to suspect you. 

How to Finish the Challenge

You need to choose to become a confidential informant against the mafia family. We have 4 years to gather evidence and ride out this entire family so we can join the witness protection program. To gather the evidence you need to pick one of the family members and snitch on them. And when you maxed out on evidence you finish the Challenge.

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