Bit City is our favorite time waster nowadays and I am sure you can say the same. However, money or coins in Bit City are not easy to make. Just like in real life, some managed to find the shortcuts to making more money fast while others haven’t. We’re here to help the latter with our complete guide to Bit City on how to increase your income fast.

There are surely multiple strategies and various factors are involved, one of the most important being how much time you spend logged in to the game, but our tips and tricks will surely help you get more money in Bit City no matter what. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s find out below all the advanced strategies you can use to make more money quickly in Bit City!

Large lots are essential
Large lots can make or break your game, that’s what we found out eventually. Large lots generate a lot more income than regular ones. They are also a lot more expensive. Having these two things in mind can really help you a lot. Plan things a bit and it will soon be raining coins over your city. Here’s how:

You should build your Large lots as soon as possible. The price increases with each new lot you build (large or small) so it makes sense to wait a bit more early on, pile up on the cash and build those large lots faster. You will get more income and it will be a lot easier for you to fill up your city in the long run. I usually build a large lot first as you normally have enough money for it as soon as you start a new city, then build 3-4 small lots, build a large lot and keep it up at this pace or even wait out to build two large ones in a row. This is pure gold and makes everything a lot easier.

But that’s not all! The type of things you build on your large lots matters too: Service buildings generate the best income (since you will also increase their earnings through City Hall upgrades), followed by Business zones. In other words, NEVER build Residential buildings on large lots unless you need them for completing missions. Keep the large lots filled with Services and Businesses and you’ll be making more money than most.

Keep an eye on demand
Demand is important in the game: if you build too many service buildings, you will get penalized by losing some of the income, so there needs to be some sort of balance. However, Service buildings are so good that normally one such building on a large lot will produce, at the same level, more money than a Business or Residence, even if demand is low.

But there has to be some sort of balance and, even though ideally you’ll want to have demand for services high in order to increase your earnings, this is a lot more difficult to get. So try to go for balance instead since this is easier to achieve: build Services and Businesses on the large lots, then even things up with Residential buildings in the small lots. This should work out just fine, but keep an eye on percentages to make sure that everything is OK.

Double your earnings
When you are online, you can watch a video AD to double your earnings – which is something you should do, especially as soon as you start a new city because you want that early boost to increase your earnings. Keep it active for as long as possible and collect all the money from vehicles, planes and boats faster to make a ton of money in a short time period!

Upgrade your buildings
Tap the large yellow button at the bottom of the screen often as it increases the level of the buildings you already own. My strategy is to wait until I have 3-4 buildings first before upgrading them because the time required for such upgrade increases with each new level of your building. I prefer to even things up a bit this way and only upgrade a bit, wait to reach 10 buildings, get them to level 20, then wait a bit to have more buildings then start tapping the build button every time I have the chance. You will also be able to unlock a feature that automatically upgrades your buildings, which is more than welcome.

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Stay in the game for as long as possible
The longer you can keep the game running, the more money you make. When you close the game, you will only get 10% of your online income and that only for a limited period of time, based on the upgrades you have bought for your Bank. You can also collect from vehicles, planes and boats when the game is running so overall you will make a TON more money if the game is running and not closed so try to keep it on for as long as possible – even if you don’t collect from the vehicles at all, you will still make more than you would with it closed.

Cars, planes, boats
These things are extremely useful at making a ton of money, but they are even better if you can literally spend your time playing and tapping them to collect. The strategy here is pretty simple: build as many as possible and collect whenever you can, but make sure that they will easily pay for the cost of purchase.

For example, when it comes to Cars, the White Pickup costs 60 million. It might not be worth purchasing if you’re only making 100k per second, since the boost to per second income is minimal and you will only collect about 100k from the car itself when the coin appears above or 1 million every now and then when you get the big coin. This means that it will start making a profit after a long time, so it’s better to spend that money elsewhere and only purchase the new car when you’re making more.

City Hall upgrades
I don’t want to focus too much on these because these are pretty much obvious in my opinion. You buy them constantly to get more money. Pretty easy and there are not many strategies involved when it comes to buying them. Just have in mind that some of the car, plane or boat upgrades are better if you are active and constantly tap to collect the money over them, while the building upgrades are usually better to focus on at first since the increase per second revenue.

Spending Bux
There are two things you should be spending your Bux on and nothing else:

Game upgrades – I recommend getting a few of these first as they improve your game a bit more than the Special Buildings, especially early on. Get one or two Day Trading upgrades to increase the amount of money when you spend more time offline, then get a few Car & Plane price drops, followed by Smart Grid and Road to Riches. These should give you a nice boost.

Special buildings – these can be purchased from the menu by tapping the Special Buildings icon. Get the ones that cost 300 Bux first and I would recommend focusing on the business ones since they make more money anyway (and each Special building will give double income).

These would be all the things to have in mind if you want to make a lot of money fast(er) in Bit City. If you have other strategies or tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


  1. Re: never building large residential lots. This isn’t true.

    Assuming you’ve gotten all the coin upgrades from City Hall, you should get the same earnings from all three lot types. Because the upgrades are staggered and different building upgrades come first, you may however run into the situation where one type of lot benefits first. For example, e.g. the services 1000% tax cap upgrade is in level 6, whereas the residential and business’ come at level 7. This is also the final level where the lot type upgrades are available for purchase.


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