From the team that brought you Tiny Tower comes a new city building game! Bit City is a bite-sized city management game where YOU are in charge of a city! You’ll need to manage your bank and profits, build what the people want, and ensure that your city grows into a financial success! Choose what investments you’d like to pursue, and make it count as you’ll need to wait for the money to start rolling in. We’re here with our Bit City cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to get the ball rolling for you!

So let’s get started with our Bit City tips and tricks guide!

1. Construct an even amount of buildings!

When you’re looking at an empty lot and deciding what type of building to start, make sure you pay attention to the demand below each type. You’ll see things like “low demand” or “high demand”. If you build too many of one type of building, that type will go into low demand. When a type is in low demand, your city’s earnings from all buildings of that type are reduced, but when it’s in high demand it’s increased.

With some very careful micromanaging you can actually take advantage of this, but we think it’s much easier and still profitable to just keep things even. Make sure there’s no shortage or excess of one type of building to keep your income steady.

2. Upgrade your bank before moving on!

When you hit the target population, you may move onto the next city at any point. Be warned – almost nothing is carried over to your next city save for a couple things. The first are your Game upgrades, which – as the name implies – are persistent throughout the entire game.

The next is your bank upgrades. The bank collects money for you when you’re away from the game, and you will also gain regional profits, which is the collection rate from all combined banks. Any upgrades you invest into the bank will carry over, so before moving onto a new city, be sure to dump any excess coins you have into bank upgrades. You’re going to lose all your coins anyways once you do move on.

3. Pump up the Property Tax!

No one likes property taxes, but in this game we sure do! Upon reaching a new city, the first order of business should be increasing the property taxes. It’s the cheapest city upgrade at the beginning but maxing it out will give you a whopping 500% bonus to building earnings, giving you a nice bump in coins per second.

After that, you should aim to up the DMV fees, but this also means you’ll need to get some cars running in your city.

4. Set buildings as Historical!

If you tap on a building, you’ll see its detailed stats. There’s a small check box that you can toggle named Historical. If a building is marked as Historical, it will retain its current design when it levels up. This is useful because eventually you’ll start getting missions where you need to have a multiple specific buildings up at a time.

For example, the mission “Drought Relief” requires you to have two water towers up at a single time.

5. Take advantage of the car bonus!

While there are bank bonuses for being away from the game, it’s more effective to actively play the game. Bit City may at first glance seem like an “idle” type game, but there’s a lot of stuff to take advantage of with the game open. For starters, the car bonuses will not be collected unless you tap on the cars themselves. Occasionally a car might even spawn bux, which is the premium currency of the game!

Cars generate these bonuses fairly often, so you’ll be constantly tapping alongside your building upgrades, assuming you have a lot of cars unlocked. This may not seem like much at first but you’ll notice that each tier of the city upgrades has at least one upgrade pertaining to car bonuses. Getting these upgrades will make the car bonuses start to give you a lot of money, so don’t forget about them!

6. Think before you Prestige!

When you decide to Prestige is ultimately up to you. When you prestige, you will reset back to the very first city, but you’ll keep any game upgrades, the pension pig’s stored bonus, bux, and keys. Keys are earned as you play through the game, and any key you obtain after resetting gives you a 1% earning bonus.

For example if you wait until you have 10 keys before activating prestige, you will earn a permanent 10% earnings boost to everything for every subsequent playthrough. As you can guess stacking this bonus is the “key” (get it?) to easy money.

That’s all for Bit City! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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