We love playing Bit City and today we’re going to talk about Prestige, a mechanic in the game that lets you reset your progress and start over, but with a huge boost to your overall income meaning that you will be able to progress a lot faster and get ever farther than before. So in today’s guide we’re going to learn everything about Prestige in Bit City: how it works and especially when to do it in order to get maximum gains from it.

Don’t forget to check out our basic tips and tricks for Bit City in case you need some extra pointers on how to get the most out of your game and check back with us soon as we’ll publish even more content related to the game. But until then, let’s check out our Bit City Prestige guide below!

What is Prestige and how does it work?

As I said in the intro of this guide, when you Prestige, you reset your progress and start from scratch, but with a big advantage: each key you have collected will give you 1% extra earnings, so if you have 20 keys, your buildings will generate 20% more. If you have 100, they will generate 100% more and so on.

Keys are collected as you play and they seem to be connected to the amount of money you have generated and not the time you have played. This means that as you play and your profits increase, the number of the keys will grow faster as well.

When resetting your progress by choosing to Prestige in Bit City, you will still get to keep some of the things you have already unlocked. You get to keep the Bux you have collected (the premium currency of the game), the Game upgrades which you purchased from the City Hall with Bux, as well as the amount you have collected for your Pension Pig. It also seems that you get to keep all the Special Buildings that you have collected.

When to Prestige in Bit City?

The whole point about resetting your progress and starting over is to give your income a massive boost for the new play through in order to make it easier for you to progress to the later stages of the game.

I hurried a little bit and went for my first Prestige when I had just 20 Keys and it wasn’t really worth it as the 20% bonus didn’t give me a massive speed boost and, even though progress was a bit faster and it took me less to reach the same point as when I prestiged, I would’ve liked it to be even better. So getting to at least 50 Keys before the first prestige would’ve been ideal in my opinion.

Therefore, my suggestion is to time your prestige right and aim to double it with each new prestige. Here is how I think you should prestige in Bit City:

– first time at 50% (ideally 100 keys if you are patient)
– second time at 100
– third time at 200
– fourth time at 400

Since I didn’t get that far, it might get a bit more difficult to double your Keys, so adjust accordingly and go for a numbers increase instead of a percent. If it’s getting too difficult to earn new keys, in our example above, we can get the fifth Prestige at 650-700 instead of 800 if progress is too slow and we’ll still get a solid boost after reset.

In terms of days and nights, I think you should be able to constantly prestige every 24 hours or 48 hours. This all depends on how active you are in the game and how much it stays on because if you manage to keep the game turned on for most of the day, you will get more income and be able to progress a lot faster.

Do you have a different opinion on how one should Prestige in Bit City or my recommended method above seems just right? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

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