Best Tips to Defeat the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock


In Minecraft, players can find various creatures in all three dimensions. Out of all mobs, boss mobs are among the most challenging monsters to defeat in the game. Except for the Warden, no other mobs come close to the two boss mobs – Ender Dragon and Wither. In this guide, we focus on the Wither and share some best tips to defeat the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock.

Use these tips to kill the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock Edition easily

Defeating the Wither boss is necessary for obtaining nether star, the main ingredient for crafting beacon in Minecraft. Sadly, the Wither is an overpowered boss mob, especially in Bedrock Edition. Here are some excellent tips to help you defeat the Wither:

1) Use the Smite enchantment

Smite enchantment is the best enchantment for defeating the Wither boss in Minecraft. As the Wither is an undead mob, a weapon enchanted with Smite will deal extra damage. A netherite sword enchanted with Smite V is best for defeating the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

2) Bring ranged weapons

Best bow enchantment Minecraft

Smite enchantment is a melee weapon enchantment and only works if the Wither is on land. Unfortunately, the Wither likes to rush all over the place. Players are advised to bring ranged weapons like a bow, crossbow, or trident to fight the Warden. Make sure all weapons have the best possible enchantments to have a better chance at defeating the Warden.

3) Use lots of potions

minecraft potions effects 2021

Defeating the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is no easy task. Players should definitely prepare potions of strength, regeneration, and healing. Players can use splash potions of healing to damage the Wither as it is an undead mob.

4) Carry enough food and buckets of milk

Milk Minecraft

The most annoying thing about fighting the Wither is its explosive flying skulls that apply wither effects. Players will lose lots of health points due to wither effects. It is always wise to carry many milk buckets to remove wither effect. Also, bring enough food to keep the hunger bar always full.

Players can also watch the above video to understand the Wither attack patterns before fighting it in their world. If you have questions about the Wither, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Best Tips to Defeat the Wither in Minecraft Bedrock


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