Best Roster to Have While Playing Maddening in Fire Emblem Engage – Team Build Guide

Fire Emblem Engage party build
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So, you’ve beaten Fire Emblem Engage on Normal and Hard, and now you’re considering taking it to the next level? Get ready because you will need all the help you can get. With more challenging enemies, no saves mid-battle, and limited use of the Draconic Time Crystals—among other obstacles—the Maddening mode is genuinely meant to drive you mad.

To save some semblance of sanity as you go through Fire Emblem Engage on this difficulty level, you will need to assemble the team of all teams. In this team build guide, we present you with the best roster to have while playing Maddening in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Team Build for Maddening in Fire Emblem Engage

What makes the best team build is somewhat relative and personal and depends on where in the game you are at the moment. Regardless, we have compiled a tier list of characters that we believe would be most valuable for replaying Fire Emblem Engage on Maddening in general.

SAlear, Anna, Ivy, Kagetsu, Louis
AAlcryst, Alfred, Chloe, Diamant, Jean, Pandreo, Panette, Rosado, Seadall, Veyle, Yunaka, Zelkov
BCitrinne, Etie, Fogado, Goldmary, Hortensia, Lapis, Mauvier, Merrin
CAmber, Boucheron, Bunet, Celine, Clanne, Framme, Jade, Lindon, Saphir, Timerra, Vander

When choosing the best of the best for the team you can rely on, you will have to be flexible, adapt to the circumstances, and rotate your units. Still, we believe that Alear is one of the choices that make sense for your Maddening team, and not just because they are the protagonist. Alear is quite independent in terms of damage and evasion and comes with the useful Divinely Inspiring skill that will make allies next to him even stronger.

Anna may look like an odd choice at first, considering her weak initial build, but we are talking of Anna as the most powerful mage that she can become if you change her class and invest in upgrading her accordingly.

Kagetsu is another clear choice due to his high Dexterity and great Speed and Defense growth, which work in favor of his general resilience on the battlefield. We also suggest using Ivy as soon as possible due to her unique skills as a magic Flier and great potential to destroy magical and armored units alike.

Louis made S-Tier in our team build guide thanks to his potential to become the unit with the highest Defense and HP stats, which make him one of the best tanks out there—and when playing on Maddening, you will need those tanks left and right.

That concludes our team build guide for playing on Maddening in Fire Emblem Engage. Let us know who your top choices are and check out other useful guides, including How to Farm EXP Quickly in Fire Emblem Engage and Best Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage Ranked.

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Best Roster to Have While Playing Maddening in Fire Emblem Engage – Team Build Guide


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