Can You Survive Maddening Mode on Fire Emblem Engage? – Maddening Mode Explained

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If you get bored with playing ordinary Fire Emblem Engage, changing the game difficulty is the best option to diversify the gameplay and make the game exciting again. There are 3 options available: normal, hard, and maddening. By reading this guide, you will find out if you can survive Maddening Mode on Fire Emblem Engage.

What is Maddening Mode in Fire Emblem Engage?

Before discovering the main question’s answer, learning more about the Maddening Mode would be best. It is the hardest difficulty level in Fire Emblem Engage. The main difference of Maddening mode is that all enemies are significantly empowered in it. Moreover, there are only 10 tries per battle in the Maddening Mode. So, only the most experienced can cope with such a high game difficulty.

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Is It Possible To Survive in Maddening Mode?

Many players consider it impossible to complete the game in Maddening Mode, but the reality appears to be the opposite. Maddening Mode allows players to feel the full heat of the game. It is the perfect option if you completed the game in Normal/Hard mode and still want more. Of course, you can finish the game in Maddening Mode if you are skilled enough.

When to Start Maddening Mode?

Once you know what Maddening Mode is, it is time to discover when you are ready to play Fire Emblem Engage in this game mode. As evident, starting Maddening Mode is not the best idea if you play the game for the first time. But if you have already finished the game a few times, Maddening Mode is a perfect way to test your skills. Also, you can watch a playthrough of Maddening Mode on YouTube to simplify the gameplay for you.

That’s it with Maddening Mode on Fire Emblem Engage. Even though many people consider it impossible to survive on such a great difficulty, it is a perfect option if you want to make Fire Emblem Engage interesting again. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to recharge and use Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Can You Survive Maddening Mode on Fire Emblem Engage? – Maddening Mode Explained


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