Best Multiplayer iPhone Games

best multiplayer iphone games

Online games for iOS are created with the sole purpose of spurring the competitive interest of players all over the world. Recently, too many projects of this genre appear, which is why it is problematic to find those titles that are worth paying attention to first. Therefore, we made a list of the iPhone multiplayer games.

Pubg Mobile Is the Best Iphone Multiplayer Game

PUBG mobile is one of the best multiplayer iPhone games. This is a striking representative of the battle royale genre, with the high replayability. The rules here are always the same. You need to collect items left on the global map and survive, trying to bypass enemies. The weapons and equipment will always be familiar to you in this game. But due to the randomness, the variety of maps, and weather conditions, events will always be different.


ROBLOX is a creative sandbox with a multimillion audience, where you cannot find clearly set goals. The only recommendation from the developer is to have fun, make new friends and experiment with genres. Here you can be a waiter or researcher of the infected wasteland, a football player or a therapist, a tour guide, or an elite entrepreneur. There are no limits in ROBLOX, and each world is built according to templates chosen by the community. And this makes it one of the best IOS multiplier games.

Stronghold Kingdoms

This is a unique military tactical strategy with elements of a collectible card game, role-based development, and exploration. The unexpected mixture of genres is combined with a complex economic system that is changing along with the activity shown by the rest of the participants.

The atmosphere of the Stronghold is great. Here, you will have to get used to the constant raids of enemies. Without proper protection, you will have all your houses burned.

The Greedy Cave

Greedy Cave is a role-playing strategy based on templates and ideas of the Rogue-Like genre. Because of this, the world changes with every visit, and the success of any dive underground depends on luck and on the chosen method of comprehending the depths. For example, if you attack everyone who gets in the way, then after a few battles there will be no consumables that can heal the wounds that have formed.

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Last Empire – War Z

This is a massive military tactical strategy with a spectacularly post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a complex development system, and an unforgettable storyline centered around a brutal epidemic unfolding on Earth. Ahead are years without medicines, clean water, and food. Searching for such resources in stores and supermarkets is pointless. Yes, there may be some resources in the buildings, but they are also full of walking dead. Therefore, the best chance to get everything back is to go into agriculture and try to restore civilization with your own hands.


Fortnite is the last Best free Multiplayer iPhone Game. This is the main competitor of PUBG Mobile. This is another battle royal. But here, you can use resources around to build different constructions. Because of this, the game world can change fast. If the opponents meet in an open field, then here not only your shooting skill will be important but also your ability to build things are you fast. It creates an impression like the players are having a LEGO competition.

This was our list of the best multiplayer iPhone games. Downloading any of these games, you will have dozens of hours of fun. Also, while you are here, take a look at our list of the best mobile puzzle apps for iPhone.

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Best Multiplayer iPhone Games


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