Best Moves in Rumbleverse Listed


Rumbleverse is an incredibly addictive Battle Royale game available for PC and consoles. Players must choose their character and fight other players in Grapital City. You can also equip your character with various items and Moves to make it unique. And in this guide, we will tell you about the list of the best Moves in the Rumbleverse.

Best Moves in Rumbleverse

Like other Battle Royales, in Rumbleverse you have to find good items and weapons to defeat other players in a match. And although there are only 40 players in the match, you need to hurry to pick up the best. You can also find different booklets that will teach you Wrestling Moves.

You can equip up to two Moves at the same time. All of them have a different rarity and are suitable for different builds. Below you can see a list of the best Moves, their rarity, and special qualities.

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Best Moves in Rumbleverse

MoveTierRaritySpecial Qualities
SkyrocketSEpic (Purple)Chargeable, Traversal
Omega CycloneSEpic (Purple)Chargeable, AoE
Giant SwingSEpic (Purple)Vicious, Launcher, Aimable
Diamond CrusherSEpic (Purple)Vicious, High Damage
Cozmo ShotSEpic (Purple)Launcher
Dolphin DiveSEpic (Purple)Chargeable, Traversal, Launcher
Omega UppercutSEpic (Purple)High Priority, Chargeable
Super SumoslapSEpic (Purple)Chargeable, High Stamina Damage
Javelin TackleSEpic (Purple)Vicious, High Damage, High Risk
Great IzunaDropARare (Blue)Vicious
Rocket JumpARare (Blue)Chargeable, Traversal
Super CycloneARare (Blue)Chargeable, AoE
Big SwingARare (Blue)Vicious, Launcher, Aimable
Emerald CrusherARare (Blue)Vicious, High Damage
Rekt ShotARare (Blue)Launcher
Volley DiveARare (Blue)Traversal, Launcher
Bionic UppercutARare (Blue)High Priority, Chargeable
Superduper KickARare (Blue)Chargeable, Launcher
Poison SumoslapARare (Blue)Poison, High Stamina Damage
Spear TackleARare (Blue)Vicious, High Damage, High Risk
Atomic PunchlineARare (Blue)Slow, High Damage, AoE
Bad BreathARare (Blue)Poison, Chargeable
Good IzunaDropBCommon (Green)Vicious
CycloneBCommon (Green)Chargeable, AoE
Ruby CrusherBCommon (Green)Vicious, High Damage
Goal ShotBCommon (Green)Launcher
UppercutBCommon (Green)High Priority
SuperkickBCommon (Green)Chargeable
SumoslapBCommon (Green)High Stamina Damage
TackleBCommon (Green)Vicious, High Damage, High Risk
PunchlineBCommon (Green)Slow, High Damage
Vicious MistBCommon (Green)Vicious, Stuns

As you can see, the Moves are ranked in the same way as their rarity. This is because all Moves can be useful for certain builds. And epic Moves are more powerful than the rest. So, you should always try to find purple booklets.

That’s all you need to know about the best Moves in Rumbleverse. Follow our tips to use the best Moves. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to play Rumbleverse Duos Mode.

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Best Moves in Rumbleverse Listed


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