How to Play Rumbleverse Duos Mode

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Rumbleverse is a brawler battle royale game that was developed by Epic Games, creators of the highly acclaimed Fortnite battle royale game. In Rumbleverse, there are no guns or any form of weapons as the gameplay is focused on melee combat, making it quite different from other battle royale games.

Although the basic attacks of Rumbleverse are kicks, punches, and elbow drops, players can also use special moves and takedowns to defeat enemies and emerge victorious. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to play Rumbleverse Duos mode.

How to Play Rumbleverse Duos Mode

Duos mode in Rumbleverse allows players to team up with friends and play with 19 other players in a two-player team. The last man standing becomes the winner, this is not so different from the traditional rules of battle royale games.

Players are dropped in Grapital City, amongst 39 other players where they must strive to be the last remaining player in order to win. With Duos mode, however, you can simply play with one other friend, unlike some battle royale games that allow up to four friends to team up.

So if you’d like to enjoy Rumbleverse with a friend, here’s how to play the game’s Duos mode:

  • First off, be sure to have Crossplay enabled from the menu. This option should be ticked by default, but you should check to confirm if it’s actually turned on.
  • Next is to switch your game mode from Solo Battle Royale to Duo Battle Royale.
  • Now click on the Right Analog on your console to open the game’s Online settings. Once done, head over to the Friends tab that’s located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose any one of your friends you wish to play with and send them an invite to play Duo Battle Royale. If it’s a player you just recently played a game with but you don’t have them as Friends, simply head to the Recent Players tab and send them an invite.
  • You can also click the Invite Friend option on the game’s main screen and follow the instructions to invite friends.

That’s how to play Duos mode in Rumbleverse. The game has three modes: Solos, Duos and Playground.

In Solo mode, you can play against the other 39 players. The last player remaining is the winner. In Duo mode, you get to team up with a friend and play against 19 other players in a two-player team. And lastly in Playground mode, as the name implies, it’s a Playground where you can learn to play the game and explore Grapital City.

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How to Play Rumbleverse Duos Mode


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