Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Villages

village seeds minecraft

In early game, finding a village can be extremely helpful. Minecraft players can find food, beds, and protection from hostile mobs like zombies and creepers in villages. With everything being randomly generated, spawning near a village is pretty rare. Luckily, players can use Minecraft seeds for villages to generate worlds with villages near the spawn location.

Minecraft 1.19 Village Seeds

1. Desert Village in Mangrove Swamps (Seed: 48)

In this seed, Bedrock players can find a desert village partially generated in mangrove swamps at coordinates X: 184 Z: 824. Java players can also use this seed to find villages. In Java Edition, players can find nearby villages, first at X: 144 Z: -208 and second at X: 256 Z: 0.

2. Tons of villages (Seed: 8455028484542207311)

This seed features an absurdly high number of villages and igloos in Bedrock Edition. The nearest village for Bedrock players is at X: 280 Z: -184. Bedrock players can move in the southeast direction to find many villages and igloos. Java players can also find a village close to the spawn point at X: 144 Z: -176.

3. Triple Village on Mountains (Seed: 36206917759415335)

After the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, beautiful snowy mountains with green valleys started generating naturally in Minecraft worlds. In this seed, players can find three villages spread around snowy slopes. Unfortunately, there are no villages at spawn for Bedrock players in this seed.

4. Village Surrounded by Mangrove Swamps (Seed: 15481123724087486)

In this seed, Java players spawn right inside a village surrounded by mangrove swamps. Players starting a new world in version 1.19 would enjoy this seed as it has newly added mangrove swamps at the spawn location. Bedrock players can find a village after crossing mangrove swamps at coordinates X: 288 Z: -176.

Players can find villages near their spawn location in all the seeds mentioned above. This way, players can have an easy head start in their new world.

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Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for Villages


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