Best Level 50 Legendary Reward in Diablo Immortal


As you level up your character in-game, you unlock new skills, gain access to new locations and bosses, and can equip more powerful equipment. Also, reaching certain levels, you will receive valuable rewards. When your character reaches level 50, you will be able to get a legendary shoulder pad for free, and today we will tell you which one of the suggested items are worth choosing.

Best Level 50 Legendary Reward in Diablo Immortal

Like we said, at level 50 you can get a free legendary shoulder item. For this, you need to open the in-game store and go to the Services tab. You will see two columns with rewards, and your shoulder items will be on the left. The right column is paid, and we will tell you about it in one of the following guides.

If you have reached level 50 or higher, you will be able to pick up the reward next to the inscription 50. By clicking on the reward, you can choose from six items, and the choice will be different for each class in the game. Each shoulder pad has unique features and properties. Here are the best rewards for each class character in Diablo Immortal:

  • Barbarian. The best shoulder for Barbarians would be The Coming Storm, as this item is used in many builds and reduces the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker by 15%.
  • Wizard. We advise you to choose Shoulder of the Cataclysm, as the damage of the Meteor skill will be increased by 10%, and this skill is one of the most popular in wizard builds.
  • Necromancer. If you’re playing as a Necromancer, you’ll have to choose from two of the best shoulder pads. By equipping the Rotspur and using the Corpse Explosion, all exploded corpses will release a poison that will deal damage to all enemies. If you’re playing with summons, you should choose Ziroco.
  • Demon Hunter. All the proposed items are about the same, so read the specification of the shoulder items and choose what suits your build.
  • Monk. As with Demon Hunter, all of the items on offer are pretty much the same, so choose the one that suits you best.
  • Crusader. The best reward for Crusaders is Sivket’s Advantage, as this shoulder pad will increase the duration of Draw and Quarter by 30%.

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In our today’s guide, we talked about the best rewards you can get at level 50. But we advise you not to rush to pick up the legendary items. The higher your level, the higher the item’s stats will be, so reach level 60 and only then collect all the rewards.

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Best Level 50 Legendary Reward in Diablo Immortal


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