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Best Fishing Rods in Sun Haven

Best Fishing Rods in Sun Haven
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Can fishing rods help you fight the forces of dark magic in Sun Haven? Well, not directly, but they can help you catch fish, which is good enough—especially if you love fishing activities like us. Sun Haven is essentially a farming simulator where you work on upgrading your farm and building relationships with other players and NPCs with more than a bit of magic sprinkled here and there, and fishing is usually a big part of similar titles.

When it comes to the necessary equipment that you need to catch different kinds of fish in various Sun Haven locations, you will work with nets, bait, and fishing rods. However, not all fishing rods are the same. If you’re debating about which one you should go for, our list of the best fishing rods in Sun Haven will come to the rescue.

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Best Fishing Rods in Sun Haven

Fishing in Sun Haven
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While you start fishing activities with the Basic Fishing Rod that you receive from Peter during the quest that takes you to the beach for the first time, soon you will have the chance to obtain other, better fishing rods that come with different perks. The Basic Fishing Rod is perfectly functional for its main purpose, but it doesn’t have any special buffs.

If you’re looking to replace it with something better, here’s our list of the best fishing rods that you can get in Sun Haven.

(1) Enchanted Fishing Rod

This is arguably the best fishing rod in Sun Haven, and you can get it from Sylvius, the Elven Merchant, in Nel’Vari for 175 Mana Orbs. It makes fishing much easier as it increases Fishing skill by 15. However, you need Fishing Level 40 to wield it.

(2) Withergate Fishing Rod

You can increase your Fishing skill by 12 with this rod if you obtain it from Christine’s Farming Store in Withergate for 250 tickets at the Fishing Level 30. This rod will also increase the fish spawning rate in Withergate by 15% and helps with the slider speed in the mini-game.

(3) Nel’Vari Fishing Rod

Another rod that you can get from Sylvius for 100 Mana Orbs brings you a Fishing skill increase of 12. This fishing rod also increases the fish spawn rate (this time in Nel’Vari) and decreases the mini-game slider speed by 15%. You will need to reach Fishing Level 30 before you can use it.

(4) Golden Fishing Rod

This fishing rod is great because it bumps up your Fishing skill by 8, and you also get coins every time you catch a fish. You can get it from Peter’s shop in Sun Haven for 14,000 coins if you reach Fishing Level 20.

(5) Branch Fishing Rod

When you get to Fishing Level 10, you can get this solid fishing rod from Sylvius in Nel’Vari for 75 Mana Orbs. It will increase your Fishing skill by 5 and help you with the mini-game by reducing the slider speed by 15%.

(6) Very Good Fishing Rod

The name says it all—even though it is the last entry on our list, this fishing rod is still very good. You can get it at Fishing skill 10 from Peter’s store, and you will have to cash out 3,000 coins. It is better than the Basic Fishing Rod because it improves your Fishing skill by 5.

Let us know in the comments which of these you like the most! If you need more help with this cute game, check out more useful guides in our dedicated Sun Haven section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Fishing Rods in Sun Haven