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How to Farm Mana Orbs in Sun Haven

How to Farm Mana Orbs in Sun Haven
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Sun Haven is a fun mix of farming simulator and multiplayer adventure RPG where players grow crops, harvest and sell the, and explore the lands to fight off monsters. Playing with friends is part of the appeal of Sun Haven as players can share items and resources so everyone has enough Mana Orbs to purchase what they need.

Mana Orbs are the currency used in the eleven village of Nel’Vari and it can be used to purchase all sorts of items. Our guide below will show you how to farm Mana Orbs in Sun Haven.

Farming Mana Orbs in Sun Haven

If you are looking to make as many Mana Orbs as possible through farming crops and selling them at the village store then you will need to know which crops are best for speed and pricing. Only Nel’Vari crops can be grown in this area, and they are the only crops that can be sold for Mana Orbs at the Nel’Vari General Store. The three crops recommended to farm Mana Orbs are:

  • Acorns: these seeds cost 150 Gold and grow in 3 days. Players can gain an average of 4 Mana Orbs per crop.
  • Shiiwalki Mushroom: these seeds cost 440 Gold and grow in 4 days. Players can gain an average of 10 Mana Orbs per crop.
  • Walk Choy: these seeds cost 440 Gold and grow in 4 days. Players can gain an average of 10 Mana Orbs per crop.

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So as you can see, acorns are cheap and grow quickly but are sold for only 4 Orbs. This means you can farm the Orbs relatively quickly though. The Shiiwalki Mushrooms and Walk Choy are more expensive and grow a little slower, but are sold for a few more Orbs. It is a bit of a bigger investment, but well worth it.

If you want to increase the crop price you can invest in fertilizer to increase quality and yield, and unlock Fertile Land in your Skill Tree which can help increase the rarity of your crop. These rarities are Emerald (base price), Ruby (Rare 1.1X), Sapphire (Epic 1.2X), and Diamond (Legendary 1.3X). The more rare the crop, the more Mana Orbs you can gain from selling them.

That is all we know about making the most out of your crops to help farm Mana Orbs in Sun Haven. For more hints and tips visit our Sun Haven guide section.

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How to Farm Mana Orbs in Sun Haven


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