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How to get to Withergate in Sun Haven

How to get to Withergate in Sun Haven

Withergate is a place in Sun Haven belonging to the Demon race and can be accessed by the player during part of the main storyline. This area is one of two that players unlock as they play, along with Nel’Vari. Withergate has a whole host of intriguing stores to visit and locations to explore.

We will show you exactly how to get to Withergate in Sun Haven.

Accessing Withergate in Sun Haven

Sun Haven has two locations that are unlocked as the player proceeds through the main storyline and completes quests. One of these locations is the Demon race hub Withergate. Withergate has 5 stores: Seamstress, General Store, Seed Stall, Pet Store, Hat Store. There are also 6 other areas players can interact with: Carnival, Mines, Dynus’ Altar Room, Apartment, Sewer, and Midnight Isle.

Gold is not used in Withergate, but instead the currency is Tickets found in and around the place and while clearing the farm. Tickets are dropped by monsters in the forest, from breaking weeds and rocks, and from selling crops, fish, clothing and furniture. Players can also get them by completing daily quests at the Withergate Bulletin Board.

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Getting to Withergate requires a little travelling and the completion of a quest or two. Heading north from Sun Haven Barracks leads you eventually to a Scaccoon who would like 10 pieces of wheat and 10 potatoes. Continue north, avoiding or defeating any enemies you come across.

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At some point you will come across an area where you cannot proceed any further. Head back to Roza in Sun Haven and talk with her. She will go with you to speak to a few people: Elios, Claude, Lucia, and finally Liam. Liam will ask for help watering his tomatoes, and then needs you to make Tomato Juice for him. Deliver the juice to Liam the next day and he will offer you Bread to deliver to Claude.

Next you need to speak with Catherine, then wait two days, and go to speak with her again when she will tell you to meet her in Claude’s Garden. Now it is time to go to the fog barrier where Catherine will help you by clearing the fog out of the way. When you come across more fog you will have to move through it carefully, finding the path through until you can exit through the middle to Charon with the boat. If you exit through the left or right you will end up at the start again.

The boat can take you across the green waters towards Withergate sewers! Once you are in Withergate you will speak to the royal prince, and encounter the Moon Dragon.

That is all you need to know about getting to Withergate in Sun Haven. Find more hints and tips for Sun Haven in our guide section.

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How to get to Withergate in Sun Haven


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