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Best Fennec Loadout in COD Mobile

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A lot of times, SMGs in shooters are underrated. Many players tend to choose Assault Rifles over Submachine guns. However, SMGs are also a great choice for close to mid-range combat. You can take out enemies fairly quickly in small multiplayer maps.

Fennec in Call of Duty Mobile is one of the more popular SMGs. Its high fire rate and mobility are enough reasons to pick it. It also adapts well to Hip fire and ADS gunplay.

COD Mobile: What’s the Best Loadout for Fennec?

Fennec has a high rate of fire and high accuracy, so the loadout should control the recoil caused by the fire rate and keep the accuracy the same. Keeping this in mind, let’s build a loadout that suits CQC.

Best Attachments for Fennec in COD Mobile

Fennec loadout
  • Muzzle– Monolithic Suppressor
  • Laser– OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition– Extended Mag A
  • Underbarrel – Operator Foregrip
  • Rear Grip– Granulated Grip Tape

The Operator Foregrip and the Grip Tape will make it easy to control the weapon. The spray pattern of Fennec is a little difficult to master, but with regular use, you will get the hang of it.

Best Perks for Fennec


Depending on your play style, you can customize the perks for this SMG. If you are more of a sneaky lurker, then you can try the ‘Lightweight – Hardwired – Dead Silence’ perk combo.

If you are looking for kills, then you can try the ‘Flak Jacket – Vulture – High Alert’ combination.

These are just some of the recommended perk combinations. COD Mobile has a ton of perks that can be combined for your unique style.

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Best Fennec Loadout in COD Mobile


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