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12 Best Dog Pokémon of all time, Ranked

Strong and loyal

Pokémon has grown into one of the most popular anime and game franchises of all time, and with that growth has come to a whole host of adorable creatures to collect. While there are plenty of great options to choose from, dog Pokémon have always been some fan favorites. Here are the best doggo Pokémon you can add to your team:

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12. Mightyena

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The Mightyena is a Pokémon that many people may not have heard of, but it is a fierce and powerful dog-like creature. It is the evolved form of Poochyena and has the ability to intimidate its foes with a look from its large, red eyes. This Pokémon also has a very strong sense of smell, which it uses to track down its prey.

11. Umbreon

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Umbreon looks badass, with its glowing red eyes and sleek black fur. It’s also one of the few dark-type Pokémon, which gives it an edge against many foes. Umbreon is a great all-around Pokémon, with high defensive stats and access to moves like Toxic and Confuse Ray.

10. Fidough

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Fidough is a Fairy type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IX. Its main ability is called Own Tempo, which prevents it from becoming confused when attacked by abilities like Psybeam and Dizzy Punch. Yes, it’s meant to look like bread—its final evolution’s design even looks like bread fresh out of the oven!

9. Suicune

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One of the three legendary beasts of Johto, Suicune is a water-type Pokémon. It is known for its ability to purify water and has been seen as a symbol of justice in the anime. Suicune is also one of the few dog Pokémon that can learn Aurora Beam, making it a formidable opponent in battle.

8. Rockruff

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Rockruff is a small, quadrupedal canine Pokémon with black fur. It has red eyes, large, pointed ears with tan insides, and a short tail. It is very friendly but has a lot of energy. It is loyal to its Trainer and will return home if it gets lost.

7. Yamper

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Yamper is an electric type with the ability Rattled, which makes it immune to Dark, Bug, and Ghost type moves. Yamper also has the unique ability to attract other electric types through its tail.

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6. Vulpix

Image via The Pokémon Company

Vulpix is a Fire-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation I. It is classified as “the” Fox Pokémon. Vulpix has a red pelt with six orange tails. As seen in the anime, each tail represents a different emotion. Vulpix can use Fire Spin to create powerful vortexes of fire.

5. Eevee

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Eevee is the best dog Pokémon for several reasons. One, it’s extremely versatile, able to evolve into eight different forms depending on what you want from it. Two, it’s got a great design that makes it look like a real-life dog breed. Lastly, it’s got a great personality, making it a perfect companion for any trainer.

4. Mabosstiff

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Mabosstiff was introduced in Generation XI. The Dark-type Pokémon is also known as the “Boss Pokémon.” It has two main abilities: Intimidate and Guard Dog. Intimidate lowers the Attack of its opponents, while Guard Dog boosts its own Attack when intimidated.

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3. Houndoom

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Houndoom is a dual-type Dark/Fire Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Houndour starting at level 24. It is the final form of Houndour. Houndoom has a Mega Evolution, available from X & Y onwards.

Houndoom is a canine Pokémon that resembles a cross between a dog and a demon. It has black fur with red markings on its back, and a long tail tipped with red fur. Its head is large and wolf-like, with red eyes and black sclera. It has large canine teeth, and two pointed teeth on its lower jaw. On its back are two triangular growths with tips resembling horns. Each paw has three toes and a pink pad.

2. Lycanroc

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The Lycanroc is a wolf-like Pokémon that made its debut in the Sun and Moon games. It is a Rock type, and has two different forms: Midday and Midnight. The Midday form is based on a red wolf, while the Midnight form is based on a black one.

The Lycanroc is a strong Pokémon, with high Attack and Special Attack stats. Its ability, Keen Eye, prevents it from losing accuracy, while its moveset includes Stone Edge, Fire Fang, and Close Combat.

1. Growlithe

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Growlithe is a loyal and protective Pokémon, always ready to defend its trainer. It has a brave heart that knows no fear. Although it is friendly toward people, it will bark fiercely at strangers. The flames that spew from its mouth burn hotter as it becomes more agitated.

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12 Best Dog Pokémon of all time, Ranked

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