Best Deep Dark Biome Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Deep dark caes

Deep dark cave is hands down the creepiest place in Minecraft. It is covered with patches of eerie sculk blocks and is home to the terrifying warden. This article has some of the best deep dark biome seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Courageous players are the only ones to dare to explore deep dark caves in hopes of discovering an ancient city. Players can use these world seeds to find spawn near a deep dark cave biome.

Best Seeds for Finding Deep Dark Caves in Minecraft

1. Enormous deep dark cave at spawn (Seed: 9592654260)

In the above seed, players won’t have to wander too far to find the terrifying deep dark caves. Players can use this to create a world featuring deep dark caves underneath the spawn area. In Bedrock Edition, players can find around five ancient cities right below the spawn point around height level -59.

2. Village and deep dark (Seed: 5786254506379747236)

Deep dark cave biome

Like the previous seed, this seed also features a deep dark biome under the spawn area. Along with deep dark caves, players can also find a village close to the spawn point. The nearest village is located at coordinates X: 264 Z: 72. Also, the nearest ancient city is at X: 56 Y: -51 Z: -184.

3. Lush cave, deep dark cave, and snowy mountains (Seed: 3452805822326592417)

This Minecraft seed features deep dark caves hidden beneath beautiful lush caves and snowy mountains. After enjoying the aesthetics of snowy mountains at spawn, players can choose to explore the caves. At first, players will find lush caves but eventually, sculk blocks will start to appear.

4. Small deep dark cave (Seed: 3251256847329558710)

Small deep dark cave

Not everybody wants their spawn location to be near the scariest biome in Minecraft. However, sculk blocks are still intriguing, and many players want them. In this seed, players can find a small deep dark cave below coordinates X:180 Z:0. There are no ancient cities, but players should still sneak around sculk shriekers to avoid a sudden encounter with the warden.

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Deep dark caves turn Minecraft into a horror game. While venturing into deep dark caves, players should always stay aware of their surroundings and sneak around sculk blocks to prevent the warden from spawning.

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Best Deep Dark Biome Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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