How to Get to Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19

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Along with the Minecraft 1.19 update, two new locations have been added to the game: Deep Dark and Ancient City, which you can get to and explore. Both of these locations appear deep underground, but to visit them, need to be sure that you can defeat the Warden. If you have good equipment and are ready to go find new locations, read our guide, as we will tell you how to get to the Deep Dark and Ancient City.

How to Get to Deep Dark in Minecraft 1.19

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Deep Dark is a gloomy biome that looks like a territory infected with an unknown virus. You can get to Deep Dark deep underground, namely below Y=0. This biome has to spawn anywhere below zero height and will take some time before you can get to the new location.

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If you don’t want to search, you can use the Deep Dark biome search command:

/locate biome minecraft:deep_dark

Unfortunately, this command is only available in a single-player and only on the Java edition. If you are playing on a different version of Minecraft, you will have to look for Deep Dark yourself.

How to Get to Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19

Ancient city in Minecraft 1.19 update
Ancient City is a majestic building that consists of several symmetrical temples, large bridges, and a portal-like structure in the center of the location. Ancient City is part of Deep Dark and spawns at a height less than Y=0. To get to the Ancient City, you need to dig a lot, but getting to this location is difficult since the chance of it spawning is about five times lower than that of Deep Dark.

If you don’t want to search long, you can use one of the other methods:

Use the command /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city for Java Edition, or /locate ancientcity for Bedrock Edition.

Use seeds. For Java: Sid: -3583656773070355489; Biome: Savannah; Coordinates: 24, -42, 56. For Bedrock: Seed: -7969402200478764570; Biome: Snowy Slopes; Coordinates: 8, -43, 136.

That’s all you need to know about Deep Dark and Ancient City and how to get to them. If you want to learn more about Minecraft 1.19, we advise you to read other guides on this topic on our website.

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How to Get to Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19


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