Best “Cheese” Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom: Overpowered Combos


Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun RPG with Gacha elements. Players must fight in battles with random mobs or other players. To do this, you need to build a team of 5 different Cookies, and since they all have unique skills, this is not always easy to do. In this guide, we will tell you about the best “Cheese” comps.

Best “Cheese” Comps

First, let’s clarify what “Cheese” comp is. This is a team that consists mainly of weak Cookies. However, when the battle begins, the Cookies use terrifying combos and destroy opponents in a short time. We offer the following “Cheese” comps:

This team works with a fairly simple tactic. At the beginning of the fight, you use your GingerBrave skill called Brave Dash. It will allow you to discard the enemy’s front cookies and then charm them all using Kumiho Cookie’s Somersault skill.

And then you complete the combo chain with Almond Cookie’s Almond Handcuffs skill and your DPS Cookie’s skills.

Here is the second variation of this type of command:

  • Front – GingerBrave, Cocoa Cookie
  • Middle – Eclair Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie
  • Rear – Tiger Lily Cookie
  • Treasures – Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm, Grim-looking Scythe.

The tactics of this team are the same. At the beginning of the battle, you immediately apply debuffs to enemies and then deal huge burst damage with your DPS Cookie. 

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Best “Cheese” Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom: Overpowered Combos


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