Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft

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While Minecraft is mostly famous for its beautiful worlds and sandbox nature, it also offers challenging survival gameplay. Every player has ten hearts which are consumed when they take damage or run out of hunger points. To protect their health from dropping, players can equip armor and use enchantments to increase their efficiency. In this article, we have listed some great enchantments for armor in Minecraft.

6 Best Enchantments for Armors in Minecraft

1) Protection

Protection ecnhantment

Protection is the best enchantment for all types of armor in Minecraft. All armors provide a certain degree of damage reduction. Protection enchantment increases the overall damage reduction effect of armors. At max level 4, it gives an extra 64% damage reduction. Players are always recommended to enchant their armors with Protection.

2) Fire Protection

Fire Protection is just like Protection enchantment, but it is only effective against fire damage. Because of this, Fire Protection is best for exploring the Nether realm. Players who are afraid of dying to lava, fire, or blazes. While this enchantment works like a charm against Fire damage, it is useless against other forms of damage.

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3) Blast Protection

Blast Protection

Like Fire Protection, Blast Protection is geared towards lowering damage from explosions. As mobs like creepers and ghasts are infamous for killing players with explosion attacks, this enchantment can be a lifesaver.

4) Feather Falling

Feather Falling

Feather Falling is an exclusive enchantment for boots. Minecraft has tall mountains with cliffs and deep caves with sharp edges. It is common to fall off the edge and take some fall damage. With Feather Falling enchantment, a player will receive very less fall damage.

5) Unbreaking


Regardless of being armor or not, Unbreaking is a must-have enchantment for all applicable items. In Minecraft, all items have a limited amount of durability points. An item loses its durability upon usage. When an item’s durability drops to zero, it breaks down. As armors are constantly in use, they have the risk of breaking down.

With Unbreaking enchantment, armors will be able to last longer. This enchantment lowers the chances of armor’s durability being used when a player takes damage.

6) Mending


Mending enchantment is the most useful enchantment in Minecraft. With Mending, players will never have to worry about restoring their armor in an anvil. Armors enchanted with Mending gain their durability back when the player collects XP orbs.

These were our best armor enchantments in Minecraft. If we missed any deserving enchantment, please let us know in the comments!

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Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft


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