Best Accessories in Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a mobile game with lots of different characters and equipment for them. In such a game players are always interested in finding out the best build. They do discuss different weapons, armor, and accessories combinations. This article will tell you about the last ones. Accessories are a very important part of your character’s equipment in Guardian Tales and they affect its performance greatly. This guide will tell you about the best accessories choices for your character in Guardian Tales.

Best Accessories

Unfortunately, there is no common accessory option for all characters. So it is better to search for a guide for some determined characters and check which accessory is better for it. However, most of the accessories provide you with the same things, like additional ATK and Def stats. So, some options fit with some characters. These are Minotaur Pendant, Black Crown Ring, Mad Panda Brooch, Earth Necklace, Sharpshooter, and some of Mirror Accessories. They provide you with great stats that usually outweigh other accessories.

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Even though the mentioned accessories are usually better for some heroes, the other accessories may be useful too. Lots of the characters may find useful the stats and abilities that these accessories give. Thus, you should make your choice based on the character you play. For example, Sharpshooter and Minotaur Pendant will be great for damage dealers. Mad Panda Brooch, Earth Necklace, and Black Crown Ring will make your character more protected.

Your choice should be based on the heroes you have in your team. The accessories will improve their performance.

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