How to Get Earth Necklace in Guardian Tales

Earth Necklace in Guardian Tales is one of the best accessories in the game. It boosts your stats but the most important is its ability to negate the Def Decrease. This guide will tell you how to get this accessory in Guardian Tales.

How to Obtain Earth Necklace in Guardian Tales

The Earth Necklace in Guardian Tales is a rare item so obtaining it won’t be simple. There are three ways to do it. The first is to get it from the Random Equipment Summon. You will need to buy one of these and hope that among all the items that will be delivered you will get the Earth Necklace. This is the easiest way but it costs a lot of money. However, the other ways will take much more time from you.

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You can get the Earth Necklace from the Random Evolution. It is the second way to get it but it is quite expensive as you will need to sacrifice a lot of high-level equipment. After a few attempts, you may get the Earth Necklace. Even though you will have to get rid of many good and useful items this accessory may be worth it.

The last way to obtain the Earth Necklace is a Random Stage Reward. You can get it as one of these rewards. This way will take fewer resources from you but it is not reliable. So, if you can’t get the Earth Necklace that way it may be better to use the first two.

The Earth Necklace in Guardian Tales is a great item that is always welcomed in any build despite all the difficulties in obtaining it. Be patient and maybe once you will have it.

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