Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 has been announced a while back, but we literally know nothing about it. While development seems to be proceeding smoothly, fans hope that they will hear more about the game this year, and it seems like chances are high for a proper gameplay reveal.

During a recent interview, translated by Nintendo Everything, Bayonetta series creator Hideki Kamiya confirmed that the development team is working on new stuff like Bayonetta 3. He hopes the team can give an update on the game this year.

The Bayonetta series creator also teased a few unannounced project that could possibly be revealed this year as well.

The point is – I’m trying to do a lot of stuff this year…Please keep an eye on us. I’m hoping to bring some hype to this industry.

The first two entries in the Bayonetta series are among the best character action games ever made, so expectations for Bayonetta 3 are high. Platinum Games seems to be taking its sweet time developing the game, so let us hope that this development time is being used to make Bayonetta 3 the game fans have been expecting.


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