There are a ton of things that you have to take into account when it comes to building the perfect battleship in Battle Bay. Perks are on the more advanced side of things, with varied perks available in the game to improve all the items you have unlocked.

It’s exactly this large variety that makes it important to choose the right perks for the right weapon or item and that’s exactly what we’re planning to help you with, among other things, in today’s perks guide for Battle Bay.

We’re going to learn more about Perks in the game, how to equip them and we’ll also have some advice on how to use them and how to decide which is best suited for a specific type of weapon or booster, although some can only be used together with a limited number of items. Finally, we’re going to share with you a complete (when it’s ready) list of Battle Bay perks in the game to make it even easier for you to decide and plan the upgrade of your weapons.

But now, let’s start with a few generic things about Perks in the game:

How to equip or activate Perks?

It might seem confusing at first because many items don’t actually have a Perk slot available. In order to be able to equip a perk, you need both of these: the item you want to equip a perk on should have a perk slot available AND the perk you want to equip can be equipped to that particular item (as most perks can only be used on specific items).

How to choose what perks to equip?

This doesn’t matter that much. Any perk you equip can be removed from an item, so if you get a better one or want to switch them around and see which works best, you can do so. It’s actually a good idea to equip your perks because you can’t scrap them, the only option being that of selling them, and that shouldn’t even be considered an option unless you really need the inventory space and there’s no available item to equip your perk.

When it comes to what to equip, it all depends on what you have available. Early on you can’t be too picky, but later I would definitely go with perks that increase important stats first: damage or hit points or increase the effect of weapons. But in the end, any extra bonus is better than nothing so make sure that you keep your perks equipped. And have in mind that, just as it’s the case with regular equipment, perks come in different rarities, with rarer ones offering a better bonus.

How to get more Perks?

One easy way to get more perks is to keep an eye on the Market. Usually, there’s at least one Perk available for purchase with gold coins. You can refresh the shop by watching an ad, spending pearls or once free if you have a VIP subscription.

Perks could also drop from Chests (I haven’t received any yet, but I don’t see why chests shouldn’t hold perks as well as regular items) and most likely events in the future will reward you with Perks as well. They are pretty difficult to come by, though, and this is one of the top reasons why you should try to stick to them and not sell them for Gold when you have this option.

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Battle Bay Perks List

Item Range: Increases range of all items
Ship Hitpoints: Adds extra hit points to a ship (works with all ships)
Freeze Duration: +x.x seconds to slow effect duration (amount varies depending on rarity)
Torpedo Damage: +x% Extra damage caused by all Torpedoes
Overboost Duration: +x.x seconds to speed increase. Can only be used on Overboost
Repairing Boost: +x% increased repairing effect to all repairing items
Cannon Damage: +x% damage to all cannons. Can only be equipped on Cannons
Shield Hitpoints: increases hit points of all shields by the indicated amount
Repairing Cooldown: -x% cooldown time to all repairing items

At the moment, our knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to the types of perks available in the game. If you have extra information about this, it would be extremely helpful if you could list the perks you have discovered and their details – as I did above – in order to create a complete list.


    • After you reach level 10 on a common or uncommon item, you need to get another of the same item. Then go to your best item and evolve it. Then you can use perks. Rare, Epic, and Legendary items have perk slots.

  1. Please show a video or images to illustrate how to activate perks. I understand that I need a certain weapon for a certain perk….but how do I combine them or activate the perk. Totally confused.


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